The Glover Report: Why We Need a Black Social Media Platform

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – September 16, 2020) – This is not a difficult ask. As a matter of fact, especially given the wealth of brainpower in the Black community worldwide, it should be a given.

The worldwide Black community needs a Social Media platform that is void of the censorship heaped upon us by non-Black-owned platforms, especially Facebook.

It is nothing to hear from some of our brightest minds how they have been in Facebook jail for any number of violations.

Clearly, there are non-Black people who are hypersensitive to anything unapologetically Black. The slightest notion that a Black person is being vocal about any number of topics too often falls prey to some non-Black person living in San Fernando Valley somewhere who views our love for Blackness – somehow – as being anti-white or anti-anything non-Black.

For the record: We are not racists, nor do we have the means to carry out racism in America. On the other hand, we know who the real racists are.

I have seen this personally as a page I developed to over 200, 000 followers was disabled for no good reason. I was reaching 5 million people a week, and, I figure, some non-Black person didn’t like it. Hey, I was only spreading light and truth with the sole aim of educating my people.

Frankly, I’m sick of how we let these racists run game on us. And, it is high time we do something about it.

Now, Jay Z developed Tidal, a platform for artists and musicians. And LeBron James has developed a number of business ventures – as has Magic Johnson.

Without a doubt, Black people have the money, the skill, the business savvy and the intellect to develop our own Social Media and the time is now. This is not rocket science, particularly for our tech-people.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. And, for the record, I will do whatever is in my power to help promote such a platform. Further, if there is already a Black Social Media platform in operation that deserves our support, please let me know.

All I know is I am sick and tired of non-Black peoples trying to muzzle our unapologetically voices simply because their skin is thin. In an era where US President Donald Trump has trolled and stalked and spread his racist dogma worldwide, I know damn well our voices deserve to be heard.

One last thing: I find it appalling that in a nation that is only 5% of the world’s population but yet has 25% of the world’s inmate that the most popular Social Media platforms have a reputation of putting Black people in a sort of prison. This only illuminates who the true racists are in this country. Not only do they lock up Blacks in prison at an alarmingly higher rate than our white counterparts. These racist bastards have taken this same warped mentality to their handling of Social Media. They are truly spawns of Satan, ones this world could do without.

C’mon, Black techno-giants. It’s time to do this! #blacksocialmedia