BALTIMORE: Bob Wallace for Mayor 2020: Economic Development and Job Growth

Economic Development and Job Growth

CHALLENGE: Baltimore City will face a severe budget deficit and record levels of unemployment following the coronavirus pandemic

VISION: Protect jobs, support local businesses, expand the economy

OUR APPROACH: Assess damage and identify resources to support most impacted industries

The coronavirus pandemic was unforeseen and unplanned, but unfortunately will not be the last time this city faces an unforeseen crisis. Baltimore’s next leader will need to be able to bring together the best and brightest to address the issues facing the city and be prepared to act swiftly and efficiently in preparing for and responding to future crises.

Small businesses, minority- and women-owned business will face difficulty recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. As a city, we must find ways to restore cash to these businesses and assess city policies that will ease the transition to the ‘new normal’ post the COVID-19 pandemic. We can create an environment where our businesses can thrive and give them more flexibility as they recover from this difficult and unprecedented time.

As mayor, I will assess the damage that’s been done to the city’s economy, including what industries have been most severely impacted. I will work to identify resources that we can bring to provide support to the most impacted industries and businesses, while simultaneously expanding the economy and growing it.


CHALLENGE: Difficulty attracting entrepreneurs and businesses to Baltimore

VISION: Attract $1 billion of investment into Baltimore City

OUR APPROACH: Make Baltimore a place to live, work and thrive

As an accomplished entrepreneur and Baltimore business owner, I have built numerous businesses from the ground up and created hundreds of jobs in the community.

Drawing on that experience, I will be the city’s first “Mayor-Preneur” and will bring an entrepreneurial mindset to solving Baltimore’s economic issues.  I will support big and small businesses alike, making Baltimore a safe city where middle class families can live, work and thrive economically.

One of my primary objectives in my first term will be to attract $1 billion of investment into Baltimore City. I will do this by making Baltimore a self-reliant city, working with CEOs across the city, state and country to brings jobs to Baltimore and open businesses in Baltimore. Small and medium-sized businesses are the heart of the city’s economy. By focusing on emerging industries like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, robotics, and biotechnology and middle-market businesses, we can make Baltimore an attractive city that young families will want to call home for the long haul.

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