TGR: Donald Trump: He’s pushed many Blacks to action

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – September 9, 2020) – For the record, I do not and have never supported Donald John Trump for anything, including dog catcher. He is a despicable elected leader and a piss poor example of a human being. He went so far as to argue with teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg on the world stage. He has no respect for women or girls, he has instilled a racial tension that compares with the era of the Civil War where the quintessential issue was slavery, and he has severely tainted our reputation as an American people worldwide.

Now, with that in mind, I nonetheless thank God for this lewd and lascivious character because, despite the horrors Black people in particular have faced in urban war zones amidst racist cops and other threats including a cornucopia of illegal guns and drugs for decades, still we rise. This president has made it painfully obvious that no one is coming to save us. Therefore, we’d better do it ourselves because we are all we got! And if we haven’t figured out that we are supposed to be helping each other, I’m not sure what else can be done.

But the point remains: It’s time to be about our business!

I think Donald Trump has helped reveal the true character of this nation and that, in turn, has pushed a heap of Black people to do what they have been procrastinating from doing for far too long. Whether it is starting a community coalition or a Zoom business group, I am loving all of the creative projects I see coming out of Black America at the present.

Yes, Trump has made it so horribly uncomfortable especially for Black people such that many are finally taking that leap of faith to pursue that dream, whatever it may be.

Some Black people have launched businesses. Others have finally moved in a parent who really needs the company and attention. And yet others have returned to school to get a GED or college degree online.

As disgusting as these times are with racists coming out of all of the closets, I personally feel even more empowered. The enemy is finally revealing himself … or herself… for who they really are. You can see a person’s true character in the middle of a storm, you know?!

Cain Contracting, Inc., 110 E. Lexington St., Baltimore

Many racists are making bold statements on Social Media. And so, while all of this madness is unfolding, this is a shot-out to that highly-motivated segment of the Black community that sees opportunity where others see devastation and despair.

I am reminded that this is not a white man’s world, as some foolishly say. This world belongs to God. And everything operating under the sun, sooner or later, must one day bow to the light. Believers know that if God gives us a light, we are to use it to bring others closer to the light.

Sadly, we live in a world where darkness seems to get the best of a lot of people, some of whom even refer to themselves as so-called Christians. So many heartbreaks and disappointments have so many of us on edge. Truth be told, I imagine people of all races are on edge in America because there are mini-Civil Wars poppin’ off all over the country, the economy is struggling, and the threat of utter implosion is very real.

May we all be reminded that prayer is still a valid weapon. As for me, I really don’t want to see war break-out in America. Yet, the more this President speaks, the more he stokes all kinds of unrest, tensions and fear. He encourages too many people to do ungodly deeds – either intentionally or unintentionally.

Too many have been killed in these streets.

So, long story short – this President has made it plain. He intends on continuing to abuse his office for himself and his supreme dictatorship/empire, and as for the rest of us, we can go kick rocks. At the same time, many people in my community see a bright side. They have used all of this pinned-up energy from months of quarantine filled with exhausting news reports to finally do some constructive and productive things they’ve been putting off for way too long.

Maybe it’s finally writing that book or finally interviewing Grandma on video to record all of that history she knows. Or maybe it’s joining the nearest Black Chamber of Commerce or a Black professional group in your industry. Whatever the case, may you, too, be inspired to channel your energy on something you need to do – as opposed to falling for this White House con man’s rhetorical lies and becoming depressed and unproductive.

Life is too short! And COVID-19 has certainly brought that point home. It is also a reminder that we cannot take anyone for granted. Many of us have lost loved ones. In some cases, we just saw them a week ago. So, get yourself a new notebook and start mapping out what you’d like to do, where you’d like to take it, and any other goals you need to accomplish – like cleaning out that basement.

In any event, see you at the top!