The (other) “BLACK WALL STREETS” You never heard of

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Discussion and vintage videos from The Black Wall Street and other black towns before they were destroyed. Discussion of lessons from this important American history and an introduction to some of the oldest black towns that are still thriving and survived the race wars (unprovoked genocide) of the 20’s that destroyed both The Black Wall Street, Rosewood Florida and many other thriving and prosperous black towns in the 20’s. There were actually more than 70 separate vibrant; productive; prosperous African American towns that were real COMMUNITIES just a few decades after the abolition of slavery 1865. By 1920 there were many black towns that rivaled and actually exceeded many of the nearby white towns. The OLDEST standing black town is Eatonville Florida which was established in 1887 …just a little more than 20 YEARS after the abolition of SLAVERY in America. It is a marvel that people who had been denied education; opportunity; access to capital and the basic freedoms and rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness built many TOWNS from the ground up that rivaled and in many cases EXCEEDED and surpassed the townships of their former masters. These former slaves owned EVERYTHING. They built their own communities from the ground up. They designed; constructed; built; developed; planted; harvested; created; manufactured; shipped; sewed; everything they needed to succeed without having to depend upon the racist whites who did not want them or their money. They owned their own factories; shops; stores; electric plants; water companies; funeral parlors; hospitals; churches; schools; grocery stores; movie theaters; bus lines; oil wells and even one of the very few air strips in the country and several airplanes …and they knew how to FLY them. They were self-governed and VERY prosperous by the standards of the era. This is not just black history it is AMERICAN history and yet our school systems have been deftly silent on this important history OR if it’s mentioned at all the TRUTH is often tainted. This video shows graphic proof of this history and you’ll see some of the rare vintage footage of the blacks who made this happen in spite of insurmountable oppression; segregation and with little to NO help from the government they still had to pay taxes to.