HAPPENING NOW: Black Wall Street USA National Women’s Council Open Forum


Every Saturday @ 8 pm EST
BWSUSA National Women’s Council Open Forum

Focus: BWSUSANWC Initiatives
Host: Eartha Stone, National Director
Call: 712.451.0683
Code: 614060

Global Initiative
The Black Wall Street USA Women’s Council is a professional group that supports women in business by providing superior and pertinent education programs. We strengthen and mentor Black Wall Street USA members through networking and community involvement while cultivating strong, professional relationships.


Women’s Council Outreach Initiative
The Black Wall Street USA National Women’s Council, an outgrowth of the Black Wall Street USA global movement. The Council is a critical asset in the movement’s mission. BWSUSANWC’s Council members speak in classrooms, mentor women owned firms and community leaders, act as judges in business plan competitions, and reach out to potential members to tell them about the many resources available within the organization. In doing so, these women not only contribute important information related to their areas of expertise and experience, but they also act as role models for future business leaders, highlighting how effective and accomplished women leaders can be. They also participate in important leadership roles, and help us shape our overall strategy. This is Black women helping Black Women.


Women Holistic Health Initiative
When women come together, amazing things happen. A certain healing takes place as they hold loving space for one another, creating an environment of trust, love, compassion, complete openness, and permission to just be themselves. The aim of this initiative is to evaluate the effectiveness of a mind, body and spiritually based health promotion program in women aged 18-70. In particular the aim is to examine the effects of the program on the key outcome: physical activity; and secondary outcomes: self-efficacy, social support and personal barriers to physical activity. Also the effects on aspects of mental and spiritual health will be assessed. This targets African American women, a group previously shown to be at high risk of inactivity and associated health outcomes.


The Women’s Restoration Initiative
This initiative was designed to provide a model of restoration for female inmates who has been released from prison to return to society in better conditions in the areas of housing, medical check ups, mental health evaluations, job placement, entrepreneurship, and many other areas while assisting the Department of Corrections and other local, state, and federal agencies in maintaining a low incarceration rate through restoration and kingdom building while enhancing productive citizens and positive leaders within our communities.


Holistic Health and Wellness Education Initiative
A DYNAMIC, MULTIDIMENSIONAL, FUNCTIONAL MODEL FOR HOLISTIC HEALTH. Educating about Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Emotional Health and Social Health. High levels of spiritual, emotional, and social health can positively impact physical and mental health outcomes, including a heightened enthusiasm for practicing positive health behaviors. The profession of health education, is in a position to more fully encourage and support a holistic health and wellness transition in the populations it serves. This requires efforts at both the individual and the national level.


J Gordon Foundation of the Arts Initiative Info
The youth art program is to build an effective program that is all encompassing of the arts reaching out to East Bay youth targeting the West Oakland and Downtown area to raise consciousness, promote self-expression and bring about positive change while building community. We provide a studio space for youth to access high quality arts programing led by mentoring artists. Here they will learn and gain exposure to professional artists and their practices, learn about the business of art and build marketable skills and give back to the community through public service cultivating the culturally rich environment of Oakland. Our Objective Run a pilot program over the summer and some weekends partnering with schools, libraries, and non-profits for youth.


National Autism Initiative Info
This initiative is designed to help individuals with autism/and learning differences create sustainable futures through engagement, education, empowerment, and employment. PAC utilizes a collaborative model which is based on building relationships and inclusiveness with community partners, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations. Vision: To provide a positive impact on the lives of individuals, friends and families affected by Autism of every second, of every minute, of every day. Director Parker have supported individuals with Autism and multiple disabilities for the past 30 years as a classroom teacher, employment consultant, volunteering, as well as working as a Transition Specialist.


The Black Wall Street Heritage & Heirlooms Initiative Info
The Black Wall Street Heritage & Heirlooms Initiative will provide presentations and print materials for individuals and church or civic groups about how and where to begin and/or update ancestor research [including personal biographies or preserving church heritage] as well as education on how to recognize the value of antiques and collectibles passed down or found. As part of the Black Wall Street USA organization this initiative has the potential to reach not only a national but, an international audience encompassing a wide range of ages. With the “PRIDE, FAITH and LOVE” of this Heritage & Heirlooms Initiative we within the Black Wall Street USA community can ensure the continued healthy growth of a people who understand and value their worth.


Women Reformed Group Initiative
Our Goal is to organize A Women Reformed Group, which will provide Prayer and counseling to Inmates Reentering society. We will also House Aged and Disabled Women. The mission is to build container houses, in order to house Inmates who are Reentering society. The plans are currently drawn and are being implemented. Our Vision is to provide a positive impact on the lives of others, thru Prayer counseling, Housing, alone with providing jobs for the surrounding communities.


Anyone Can Become an Entrepreneur Initiative
The Anyone Can Become an Entrepreneur Initiative offers 3 black owned low start up cost opportunities that anyone can start today. Members are encouraged to help support opportunity 1 by referring women ages 14 & up, who are looking to start their own business, (ex -offenders are welcome in this specific opportunity). Members can refer any and all black business owners as with this specific opportunity they can leverage their income using their existing customer base and use the extra income to pay off debt. Members can also look at the opportunity and see how it would benefit them, their city and/or state if were implemented. The objective is to empower women and teens, to become entrepreneurs, especially ex offenders who face stigmas associated with finding a job. To share a unique black owned opportunity so that individuals and business owners within the black community can put themselves in position to leverage income and/or create residual income and use it to pay off debt. To generate revenue and restore economic development. The goal is to create a world wide movement of black entrepreneurs which would generate wealth, create massive growth and restore economic development global