Bob Wallace For Mayor | Let’s Reset, Reform, and Reimagine A Better Baltimore Together

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Learn More About Bob – From the steps of my childhood home in Cherry Hill to my office in Mt. Vernon, I talk about my journey from growing up poor to launching three businesses in Baltimore – and the failures of city government and leadership I’ve witnessed at every step along the way. Record-breaking murders. Political corruption. And schools that don’t work for every kid. These things have been holding Baltimore back for far too long, and they’re the things that the people we keep electing cannot — will not — work to fix. We need a change of direction, Baltimore. We can’t keep electing the next politician in line and expecting things to work out differently. I’m a successful entrepreneur, a job creator, a father, and a grandfather – and I’m the first Independent candidate for Mayor in our city’s history. Let’s change direction this year – let’s reset, reform, and reimagine a better Baltimore, together.

Authority: Robert Wallace For Mayor; Antony Gross, Treasurer