Sunday Reflection: Love Like Children by Natasha T. Brown

Sunday Reflection: Love Like Children

Hi Doni

Sundays in the village are some of my most memorable moments from my recent missions trip to Tanzania. I loved to attend ministries where my Bible college students were teaching the Word. On this particular day, Peter who is a student minister was teaching Genesis 1, the creation of the world, and he had prepared tons of visual helps for the kids to make sure they caught on. I remember thinking “these children have a genuine hunger and love for the Word!” Their passion blew me away. While many of us would complain about being too hot outside under the African sun, they danced, sang, and prayed with gladness and sat in expectation to learn something new.

One of the many lessons and leadings from the Holy Spirit included in my upcoming book The Absence of Excess centers around getting back to our first love and conditioning our hearts to approach God like children genuinely excited to be with Him.

Today, let’s be reminded to give God our all and humble ourselves like youth to truly receive the Father’s love. ❤
Have an amazing week.

“… whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven…” Matthew 18:4

Have a blessed day and week. 



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