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TOP NEWS: The Black United Fund of Illinois (BUFI) and TBTNews will present The State of Education: Guiding Youth & Assisting Parents Symposium. The Symposium will take place on Saturday, September 12 during a virtual and live presentation at BUFI’s headquarters in South Shore. The country is in a panic as schools across America are preparing to enter another Learning Curve.

The debate to send young people back to school or keep them home engaging in Social Distancing due to COVID-19 is getting heated. The decision varies from state to state, city to city. But Chicago and some counties in Illinois have made the tough decision to keep school-aged kids home involved in full Remote Learning Curriculum. As the City of Chicago and the Chicago Public School leadership have decided to engage in Remote Learning, the next and most important question is, what does that look like for the next school season?

When CPS first closed schools when the pandemic hit in March of 2020, it was reported that less than 60% of kids never even logged into their delivered electronic devices to engage in Remote Learning. How do we as a community and school system along with parents erase those numbers during this full-time, academic year? It will be hard but with preparation, careful and thoughtful execution, CPS can and must get this right. As a community, and parents, we must not fail them.

This Symposium will be solution-based, as expert tutors, teachers, students, parents, counselors, community stakeholders, policymakers, and school administrators join panels and presentations on Guiding Students and Assisting Parents. More details soon to follow. Participating Sponsors: EHWG Leadership Initiative, TRUTH 4 Literacy, Upward Bound, ThE TiTaNsZoom link available soon. Register through Eventbrite link: – Content Curated By MG Media

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Chicago: A Reflection of its Bad Leadership

Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West

As I’ve stated many, many times before, I’ve become a studier who makes great leaders and what makes effective leadership. I’ve read and/or studied some of the greatest change agents from the early 20th Century up until our present century, in which America’s current activities have called for real and effective leaders to stand up. More than ever, we need problem solvers. That’s what great leaders do, they transform situations that they’re responsible for.

We actually are supposed to look inside our homes from the time we’re comprehending as adolescence to who’s executing and/or governing rules and progressive direction. In this instance, it’s our parents who’re the first examples of leaders. We see our parents, collectively, work together to solve the problems within the home as well as to administer either punishment for things not done correctly or rewards for services rendered. How often have you hear your parent(s) say that you represent us when you walk out that front door. You’re a reflection of how we raised you!

That sentiment is exactly the same when you’re employed by a company and their leadership expects you to adhere to their corporate culture as being honest, hardworking, and a great and exemplary example of the company. Great leaders will tell you that you can only become excellent within your allotted job responsibilities when you have been given significant training and guidance by the current leadership team. This expectation also exists within sports organizations as well. There are always talks about company culture and leading from the top. Each player and the internal personnel are expected to represent the company in the same capacity as they see the company managed by its leaders (owners and top executives).

I was thinking about this after listening to Seinfied express how New York is not dead. He was unhappy with how he felt that people outside of NY saw his city. He blamed it on questionable leadership and horrible messaging. Seinfeld stated that law enforcement’s morale is low and communities see law enforcement as the enemy. He said that top lawmakers are not living up to their responsibilities and the resident’s dissatisfaction is being driven by uncertainty. In conclusion, he expressed that NY is a reflection of its leadership.

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Chicago is a reflection of its horrible leadership, starting from the governor to the mayor, law enforcement, elected operatives, business, and spiritual leaders–and uncaring and disrespected citizens. But it all starts at the top! The governor in Illinois has lied and not provided for the people as he promised. Black contracts are dismal and he made it worse with no Black people getting portions of the cannabis cash fall in the beginning. This reflects on his leadership and the people react to his failure. They conduct themselves accordingly. If the governor is being fair, then why should the residents of Illinois be expected to uphold certain expectations?

The mayor came in on a white horse, and her leadership looked glowing. Today, after also lying to the public and not being transparent, which is what she ran on, the people are now feeling the effects of her failed leadership. People were ready to stomp the yard and follow her down the yellow brick road, but her guidance has become suspect as worst. Then she delivered us an outsider who became the top cop, which was a failure on her part, again. It did nothing for the morale of the locals who expected a deserving Chicagoan to step into that position. This either the mayor can’t see or don’t care about!

So, today, we have horrible leadership coming for elected officials, aldermen, state rep, state senators, and congresspeople, alike, who failed at addressing some of the most pressing issues in Chicago or the state of Illinois. When I hear people say that its the ‘old Chicago way,’ that’s a bad precedent to live by and with. Really! The old way has been consistently racist. The ‘old way’ needs to be changed or altered to better serve the citizens of the state and cities within Illinois. We have a speaker of the house that most legislators know have been living above the law but have been given the red carpet to do so without any checks and balances. This is failed leadership on everyone’s part within politics!

Then you ask young kids to act accordingly. They’re following the makeup of the city and state. And it’s been orchestrated by very bad leadership. It’s like the home in which the kids are unlawful, they are drug heads, the kids are disobeying their parents–in most cases–you can believe its the parent’s failed leadership or lack of that caused their children to act in such an unprecedented behavior. Bad leadership in Chicago and Illinois is the absolute cause of why Blacks have such a high unemployment number, it’s also why we see an uptick in unnecessary or confusing violence.

Horrible leadership in our city and statehouses are why the kids of the community feel that no one has stepped up to lead them towards a better future. It’s terrible leadership that continues to see racial strife in what is called the most segregated city in the nation. How can leadership be happy with such an ugly title attached to their place of refuge? Any respectable parents would be devastated if the community, schools, place of worship, and friends had concluded that their homes are unfit to lead their own children.

The current administration continues to prove how unfit they are to really lead the residents towards any true prosperity and advancements. The things we see weekend after weekend proves that to be true. The streets are talking and the leadership has failed, miserably, from the whispers. The question is, what will so-called effective leaders do to transform the thinking of the people? Because currently, Chicago’s unattractive and chaotic status, is a reflection of bad leadership! Until the next edition….. I Write to Differ

Seek the Truth, Know the Truth, Speak the Truth!

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lori lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot


Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and the Office of Budget and Management announced the framework for the public engagement phase of the 2021 budget that includes safe and engaging ways for participation and feedback gave the COVID-19 pandemic. The process includes “Budget Week”, a weeklong series of virtual budget town hall meetings, live-streamed on Facebook, and the launch of a new interactive website.

The website will allow residents to submit questions for the town hall series as well as find other ways to provide feedback for the upcoming budget. To expand community input, this year the City is introducing the 2021 Budget Community Round Table series, a grassroots effort to gather community feedback from residents on their budgetary spending priorities, with a focus on engaging youth and the Latinx and African American communities. The community outreach plan announced today will kick off the 2021 budget public education process, followed by the August 31 release of the 2021 Budget Forecast and the launch of a new multilingual public survey to gain feedback from residents about City programs and services most important to them.

“I strongly believe that a budget is a moral document that reflects the values and priorities of our great city – values that include equity and inclusion and ensure that every resident from every ZIP code feels as though we are investing in their future,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “I’m committed to ensuring the budgeting process is transparent and inclusive while we balance the reality of our financial constraints with the needs of families across the city.” During Budget Week’s virtual 2021 Budget Town Hall series, Susie Park, Director of the Office of Budget and Management, will sit down with key City department leaders to review the critical functions of each department and update the public on important issues facing the City’s finances.

Each day, Director Park will host a virtual town hall focusing on specific operations and will be live-streamed at from 6:00-7:00 pm and made available on the Budget Engagement website at To sign up to host a community focus group, submit a question about an important issue for discussion at the Facebook Live virtual town halls or to learn more about the 2021 budget process, please visit – Content Curated By MG Media

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In the Wake of the Tragic Events in Kenosha

Dear Y Family Member, It is with a heavy heart that we write this letter in the wake of the tragic events that occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin last night. This email aims to inform you of an update that we were made aware of today and outlines what our organization is doing in support of racial equity.

As you may know, Jacob Blake was gunned down by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, which prompted nationwide anger and protests against police brutality towards Black Americans. As a result, numerous protests ensued, resulting in additional loss of lives and damage to businesses.

Last night, two protesters were killed, and one was injured in an attack carried out by a young white male. The incident caught on video showed him opening fire in the middle of a street with a semi-automatic rifle. YMCA leadership has been informed that the young male taken into custody is a YMCA part-time employee who has been on furlough since March 2020.

He will not be returning to the YMCA. We abhor these violent acts. Our condolences go out to the families of the victims in this incident. In a recent communication, we acknowledged that we are currently battling two pandemics – COVID-19 and racism as a society. Racism is violent. It causes individual and societal harm.