The Glover Report: Blessings of Liberty: RACISTS SUCK!

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – August 28, 2020) – For the life of me, I have never understood why some people think they have the right to own another – to use their position to pimp an entire race of people. Sure, I understand war and I understand that there is a winner and a loser. Yet, I still don’t get slavery and trafficking. It’s so inhumane. It’s sick!

Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. They were traffickers. There was nothing noble about them. They were not great. They were as low as low can get. Yet, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, they are as revered as the rapist colonizer named Christopher Columbus.

In a way, it’s comical. In another way, it’s pathetic. For four hundred years, racists have had their way in America. Black people picked their cotton, nursed and raised their children, washed their clothes, been their punching bag, and built and cleaned their homes. Yet, too many of their descendants feel entitled like spoiled brats – like somebody owes them something – like it’s their birthright to take advantage of others.


Truth be told: Black people should have gotten reparations decades ago. Instead, we have felt the brunt of their racist hatred ever since, including the air-bombing and destruction of our greatest economic accomplishment: Tulsa’s Black Wall Street.

Racism is as insidious as drug addiction. It is Amerika’s original sin. And this is supposed to be a
Christian nation. Imagine that!

But I am reminded that there is a God who sits high but peeps low. Those rough edges will be smoothed out and those crooked ways will be made straight. That same God who has seen the oppression these Amerikan racists have wreaked on an otherwise beautiful people, I do believe, will send the angel of karma in her chariot to even things out. I do believe she will return with a vengeance.

To me, these racists are like little entitled children who are used to having their way. And when an adult comes along to check the little racist, the racist gets upset. The racist, somehow, has come to think that they are right, have always been right, and will always be right.

Sure, they pray to God in the name of Jesus. Sure, they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure, they even might quote the Bible.

However, at the end of the day, a racist is a sick puppy who has never grown up. A racist is possibly the most ignorant person on earth because they have missed all of the important lessons of life … like respect, dignity, character, and most of all, humanity.

You see, a racist is about as base as a person can get. A racist is down there with the beasts of the earth – beasts with no conscience, no morals, and absolutely unequivocally no class.

Be clear, not all white people are racist. Many are not.

The problem is, however, those who insist on being quiet so as to not rock the boat.

Well, my friends, the time is coming where everyone will have to make a stand, and this includes apologetic Negroes.

Why? You can’t have it both ways.

If you claim to serve the God of our ancestors, then ultimately – whether you are Black or white – you will have to pick a side. Not choosing is the same as siding with the racists.

Edmund Burke has a famous quote that is extremely apropos: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Let me reiterate: Living in a city like Baltimore where Blacks are the majority helps reveal that while white racists are very influential, the snow-job done on Black folks requires Negroes to help facilitate the deed. There are more than enough Black people in position to help make a difference, but just like in the days of Amerikan slavery, there is always a Black person ready to sell the rest of us out.

In Africa, it’s the same game: Divide and conquer. Europeans will divide a colonial country by giving both sides of the indigenous population guns … so they can kill each other. And when everybody is dead, the European will come in and steal the resources in the land.

In other words, betrayal is a basic tactic that many of us cannot resist. We’d rather have the big house and fancy car and trophy wife … than stand tall for God and our people.

I’ve seen it in Africa. I’ve seen it in America.

Long story short, racists are running out of time. And so too are the new Negroes. People are awakening, and those little petty games are being figured out. Yep! The gig is up and it is just a matter of time before the truth shines brighter than the sun.

My only hope is that is doesn’t take too much longer because I’d like to see the day when my people are redeemed and when the racists and new Negroes will have to flee, for this is the land my forefathers built, and I need to enjoy the fruits of that labor. It is our birthright, and we, as a people, are ready to collect.

I’ve seen enough of my people incarcerated, shot down like wild animals, ripped off by greasy mortgage and insurance companies, overcharged for basic necessities, and pushed into perpetual debt. I’ve seen enough of the racist institutions that have benefitted off of my ancestors’ free labor only to treat my people like second-class citizens. I’ve seen way too many of my people running for office – many of whom have sold their souls to the devil – just to be accepted by some small minded individuals who lack the capacity to love. And I am tired of seeing my otherwise beautiful brothers and sisters busting their asses to be acknowledged by the racists and apologetic Negroes.

I say, enough is enough. We keep trying to fit in with some weak-minded clowns who can never accept us because they have never accepted the truth about themselves. We battle against such principalities, and frankly, I’m ready to enjoy the true fruits of our labor.

I do not want another day of the type of asshole-ism perpetuated by the likes of Donald John Trump. Yep! I want to enjoy the blessings of liberty without the moronic wisdom of racists and Tom’s. I just do.

Thanks for listening.

Doni Glover. Out.