STATEMENT: Black Wall Street USA National President, Dr. Michael Carter, Sr.’s Statement on POTUS 45’s Political Rally In Tulsa During Juneteenth Weekend.

(OAKLAND – June 23, 2020) – The crystal clear message the murderer of George Floyd sent to POTUS 45’s loyal polotical base was “we the white extremists” are still in the business of evil doing and fury in America.

The narcissistic message POTUS 45 is sending the heavenly league of our African American ancestry is that the modern day Fuhrer is not finished dancing with satan. By holding his rally (play date) in Tulsa during the Juneteenth weekend continues his fearmongering and bigotry towards Black Americans.

On behalf of the 35,000 Black Wall Street USA US/Global members we rebuke, denounce and reject POTUS 45’s attempt at creating a toxic atmosphere and evil confusion near the sacred grounds of North Tulsa, Okalhoma. We are deeply appalled.

Our Global Black Wall Street Movement is only about God, our Ancestors and future Generations. Our members demonstrate daily that they are grateful for the Tulsa ancestry that they never met, who yet paved the way for all of us. This Movement further displays that we are willing to perform the same ground paving efforts for generations that we will never meet.

This calculated move by POTUS 45 is a slap in the face of Black Wall Street Pioneers like B. C. Franklin, William Anderson, Henry Lilly, Mabel Little, O. W. Gurley, Ada Huff, J. B. Stradford and Dr. A. C. Jackson.

Say their names.

By POTUS 45 just simply being in Tulsa is commiserate with today’s German right wing white extremists holding rallies or congregating at historic concentration and labor camps such as Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald or even Dachau in the state of Bavaria.

Every American in the right Spirit should be appalled, disgusted and extremely sickened by this wrathful and carnal display.

Long live Black Wall Street Tulsa.

Dr. Michael Carter, Sr., Th.D
National President
Black Wall Street USA Global