The Glover Report: Black Lives and Black Dollars Matter

Photo: Rayshard Brooks was shot to death Friday night by anxious Atlanta Police Department Officers. He was to celebrate his daughter’s birthday on Saturday. Tyler Perry has offered to pay for the funeral.   

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – June 16, 2020) – These are certainly the most interesting of times, full of pain yet brimming with a glimmer of hope. The nation is being overwhelmed with daily protests over the police murders of 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor in Louisville, 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis, 25-year-old jogger Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia, and now, 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s in Atlanta.

The Black Lives Matter Movement has also touched the world. Support has come from all over the world. There have also been protests in several nations, including those by Black in the UK.

On this note, I want to give a shot-out to the everyday people and the activists who genuinely are concerned and are working for positive change. I am so proud of the clips I’ve seen, especially those of our new generation of activists who are boldly speaking truth to power. It is so refreshing.

I saw one young Black woman walking with armed security where Arbery was killed. She spoke so eloquently, so boldly, so proudly. She brought tears to my eyes. After seeing so many protests, it gets weary. Yet, the young sister showed the world that the fight for justice in America – particularly for Black people – is far from over. She brought me a true sense of hope. She represented Black people like it is supposed to be done.

Having worked to help bring attention to our community for over a quarter century, I now know that our future is bright despite these acts of darkness by racist cops and racists in general. Some of these young activists were not even born when I started as a journalist. Yet, they are on the front lines and it makes me so very proud to know that despite the tomfoolery and chicanery of tainted individuals who attempt to speak on our behalf, there is a fiery and formidable new generation that is just getting started.

A shot-out, too, to our white brothers and sisters who refuse to be silent. I saw one older couple on Facebook who really touched my heart, also. Their words were telling. Their words were graphic. They both despised racism. I should note that they were chronologically blessed with 8 decades or so of life.

I know there are many decent white people in this country. And I know that there are decent people of every race.

It’s just that seeing my Black brothers and sisters dogged like animals by uncaring white cops makes my blood boil. I’m just saying that I have to remind myself that not all white people are like the callous cops being caught on camera.

What’s most disappointing, I’d add, is that this is 2020, and we are still dealing with the same social issues from hundreds of years ago. No matter how much we march, and protest, and sue the drawers off of these miserable bastards – some white people just won’t ever change.

Racism is taught. The solution for America is actually easy: stop teaching it and stop practicing it. The truth is, Black people have been on the menu since the first European arrived in North America. In today’s terms, it is our money that helps feed the pockets of an insidious corporate America. I’m talking about the excessive cost of being Black, like car insurance rates. I’m talking about how Black people often pay more for the basics. I’m talking about economics. If America really wants to change, then stop robbing us.

Long story short, I encourage Black people to get wiser about our $1.5 trillion in annual disposable income and to not spend where we are not respected – including Vince’s Crab House in Middle River, MD. And secondly, if America is serious about change, then listen to former BET exec Bob Johnson and reparation authorities like Dr. Ray Winbush from Morgan State University. Recently, Johnson called for $14 trillion to Black people who are descendants of American slavery. Every other group of people who were harmed have gotten reparations. It is now time for Black people to get ours. Period. End of story.

After all, it’s common sense.

One last thing, for those people cashing-in on these tragic cop murders of Black people for self, we see you.