TGR: Open Letter to Gov. Larry Hogan and All Members of the Maryland General Assembly

June 11, 2020

It is with acute disappointment that I write to you this day, as my heart has become so weary with the shenanigans played out on the people of Baltimore by the Maryland State Board and Baltimore City Board of Elections.

This is to request an immediate and thorough investigation and audit by an independent body of the June 2nd primary election results in Baltimore City.

How can the people of Baltimore be assured that our votes were counted?

Mind you, we have every possible reason to not trust the State Board and the Baltimore City Board. If you recall, the 2016 Baltimore City Primary Election was wrought with 1,800 reported voting irregularities, missing thumb drives, bags of uncounted votes, at least one illegal loan for $100,000 by former Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith, a Democrat, checks made to Catherine Pugh that had no legal addresses, letters sent to ex-offenders stating that they could not vote, and, not to mention, an overall spirit of voter suppression.

According to the 15th Amendment of the US Constitution, “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

Well, based on what we have seen in the recent June 2nd election, citizens in Baltimore have indeed been denied our right to vote. From an informal poll, over 25% of voters surveyed did not receive ballots. Given the fear placed upon people to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is my belief that if any of these voters who did not receive ballots were seniors – seniors who were clearly warned to stay at home, then this is, in fact, a form of voter suppression. Further, in a city with over 600,000 people, Baltimore City only had 6 in-person polling locations. This caused long lines.

Tell me, is this how we facilitate and protect our most sacred American privilege?

Further, why hasn’t the Maryland General Assembly addressed the voting challenges we faced so that 2016 never happened again?

There are also questions about the chain of custody. Once ballots were put in drop boxes or the mail, how can we be sure that our votes were collected. Sure, we can go and research votes. However, what if we find in the process that dead people are also voting?

The most interesting fact in this 2020 Primary election is that Sheila Dixon, who legally won the last election, was also about to win this election.

Surely, that is no coincidence, especially when the first numbers reported had her in first place and the alleged winner, Brandon Scott, all the way in 4th place.

There is something afoul in the City of Baltimore and I am calling on you to step in and restore our confidence in the American voting system because at present, we are about to erroneously crown the wrong person Mayor of Baltimore, again.

Lastly, I am reminded of our small ad hoc group, Voters Organized In City Elections (VOICE). Because of the efforts of Hassan Giordano, William Newton, myself and a couple of other people, we were able to get the 2016 election results de-certified. That was unprecedented.

The current election results cannot be trusted, the people of Baltimore deserve better, and we need a leader who can get to the bottom of this chicanery.

Our future depends on it.

Donald Morton “Doni” Glover
1142 N. Carrollton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217