The Glover Report: Is Brandon Scott O’Malley 4.0?

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – June 8, 2020) – Anybody else feeling disenfranchised here in the City of Baltimore? A unofficial poll of our readers today concluded that over 25% of City residents did not receive ballots in the mail.

Honestly, we hear about voter suppression all the time – but it typically refers to Republican states. Yet, we live in Maryland, a 2-to-1  Democratic state. Baltimore is actually 9-to-1 Democrat. This suggests my vote is safe here, right? Especially after a lot of talk over the years on talk radio suggesting that Baltimore Blacks don’t vote – right? Yet, I still feel disenfranchised? Surely I am not to think that Democrats would try any ‘hanky panky’ with the vote, right? There is no fathomable scenario where Democrats are just as guilty of voter suppression as they claim Republicans are, is there?

Soooooo, Brandon Scott is in first place? Really? You have got to be kidding me!

All of the political scientists in the world combined together with Albert Einstein himself could never, ever, ever get me to believe that Brandon Scott, a political proxy under the guise of the Martin O’Malley machine who didn’t have a single sign in West Baltimore – well, that could be stretching it a bit – could ever, ever, ever beat Sheila Dixon. Not in his wildest dreams!

This latest ploy where Scott has gone from 4th to 2nd to 1st is simply a smack in the face of anybody with even a smidgen of common sense.

The truth is, after 12 years of our first Black elected mayor (Kurt Schmoke), we fell for the worst political scourge this city has seen since Mayor J. Barry Mahool, the Father of Segregation. 21st century politics in Baltimore has been mostly under the O’Malley umbrella – that is, except for Sheila Dixon. She was that strong, Black woman who reversed his demonic “zero tolerance” policy that catapulted 1 in 6 of us into the Baltimore City Detention Center. She also rejected O’Malley’s police commissioner recommendation – Harold Ramsey (DC), she restored a semblance of decency in the city, cleaned it up, but most of all – from O’Malley’s perch, Sheila Dixon negated his entire legacy of mass incarceration. Instead of locking up everybody, then-Mayor Dixon took a smarter approach to reducing violent crime. In short, she brought in the violent offenders in the community, sat them down, and gave them a choice: quit or go to prison.

Dixon’s accomplishments as mayor are still heralded to this day.

In any event, that is water under the bridge. Right now, I submit that the wicked head of voter suppression is vying to determine our future for the next 4 to 8 years once again – just like in 2016. And being a one-newspaper town, one might easily fall for the bull feces liberally painted on the wall. Fear not, compadre, Bmorenews is here!

We are here to assure you that Baltimore has some of the brightest and most gifted people in the world – Black, white, or otherwise. And although O’Malley is slicker than a can of oil, I bear witness that we are nearing the end of his privileged and duplicitous reign.

After O’Malley’s zero tolerance years virtually crippled his chances of ever going to the White House (Hell, Hogan’s national presence has dwarfed O’Malley’s by far without ever trying), this latest iteration of himself is in the form of Brandon Scott. Hence, O’Malley 4.0.

Remember, his first iteration was Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the mayor who was in charge of the first riot in Baltimore in 47 years (#FreddieGray). People may remember that her father, the late Delegate Howard Pete Rawlings, was the one who gave O’Malley the proverbial pat on the back he needed to become mayor. And then, O’Malley and his Democratic cronies in Annapolis, gave us Catherine “Healthy Holly” Pugh. Pugh stole the election back in 2016 from Sheila Dixon – thanks to people like former O’Malley-ite Alex Sanchez, and not one state legislator in Annapolis uttered a word of concern.

Although there were initially 1,800 voting irregularities in Baltimore City compared to 200 in the other 23 Maryland jurisdictions combined in the 2016 Primary Election, the powers that be sat idly by while our Democratic process was straight-out hijacked. Consequently, Baltimore has one of the highest murder rates in the country with no slowing in sight for 2020.

Now, we are to believe that a political neophyte in the form of Brandon Scott – I didn’t see him once in West Baltimore (I’m just saying) – is about to beat Baltimore’s champ. I don’t believe it. Furthermore, I do not know why Armstead Jones isn’t in the back of a police cruiser on his way to ‘the Bookings’. He is solely responsible for the murder rate and the killings, in my honest opinion because he has twice bungled elections in our city.

Might sound harsh, but the Board of Elections supervisor is solely the biggest political culprit of Baltimore’s Black community. Because the Maryland General Assembly went too far in empowering the State Board of Elections, the people have virtually no recourse … again.

If you recall, in 2016’s election, Pugh broke every law on the books. Yet, not one member of the Maryland General Assembly criticized her or the process. They didn’t say a word. And I am embarrassed to say so. More importantly, nothing changed. No new laws to address such concerns that they might never happen again. Nothing! Jones didn’t get put on probation or anything. Why? Were they complicit?

I, sure as hell, think so!

O’Malley has a long track record of political pimping and manipulation in Baltimore. And let me be clear, I don’t blame him for being the snake that he is. I don’t even blame him for the murder of Robert Lee Clay, the Black contractor who was his supreme nemesis. I blame us for falling for any- and everything we read in The Sun. I really thought we learned our lesson.

When will we wake up?