The Glover Report: Something stinks at the Boards of Elections. There, I said it.

Dixon’s lead over Scott diminishes 

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – June 7, 2020) – There’s something to be said about the way these election results have been disseminated. The latest came late Saturday night – just before midnight.

So, for the uninitiated, I am – really and truly – a Sheila Dixon supporter.

With that said, and given this entire crock of bull feces being displayed before us, I’m calling it for what it is: utter bullshit!

You cannot convince me that the State Board of Elections and the Baltimore City Board of Elections does not have some ill will towards Dixon. And for the life of me, I swear Armstead Jones reminds me of “Boss Hog” from the ‘Dukes of Hazards’.

The last time there was a citywide election in 2016, there were over 1,800 voting irregularities in Baltimore City compared to 200 in the other 23 Maryland jurisdictions combined. There were missing thumb drives. There were bags of votes uncounted. There were letters distributed to the ex-offender community stating that they could not vote. It was voter suppression at its finest.

To boot, Catherine Pugh broke all kinds of election laws, including accepting a $100,000 loan from former Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith. Pugh was also backed by Alex Sanchez, the former Martin O’Malley employee who started a PAC. His PAC launched a series of vicious commercials against Dixon.

The election results were ultimately de-certified and the count was done again. At the end of the day, Dixon lost by 2,876 votes.

Unbeknownst to many, Brandon Scott gets the support of the O’Malley machine this time around.

Now, initially, the first set of results had Dixon with 24,278 votes and Scott with 19,685.

Late last night, however, that race was narrowed down within a couple thousand.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Dixon “held 29% of the roughly 115,000 votes that have been counted, while Scott had 27.5%. Less than 2,000 votes separate the two front-runners.”

Why is this taking so long?

Can the City Board of Elections’ Jones be trusted after fouling up the last election with no recourse?

Seriously, I see Jones on television with the Clint Eastwood “thousand yard stare”. But he looks shifty. I see him twitching, like a kid about to raid the candy jar when nobody’s looking. Speaking of which, what’s the “chain of custody” over these ballots? Can anybody tell me who is watching the chicken coop? Damn if Armstead doesn’t look hungry!

And how can we expect transparent oversight from Linda Lamone of the State Board when there were no repercussions from 2016?

Yes, I am glad that Gov. Larry Hogan and Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford are being vocal on this election, but frankly, we really needed them to speak up last time. I say this because clearly, the entire Maryland Democratic establishment once again has the distinct odor of voter suppression, cloaked in a white supremacist mindset that is fearful of what a strong Black leader can accomplish in Baltimore. All of this melodrama unfolds, sadly, in a blue state. Imagine that. With all of the talk about President Trump and Russians rigging the last election, here in Maryland we have some shady politicos and they wear the Democratic label proudly.

Truth be told, at least with Trump, you know you’re getting a racially divisive leader. I cannot say the same for Democrats here in Maryland. To me, these Democrats are worse than the Republicans because they pretend to be our friends. Thanks, buddy!