Community Leaders and activists to meet with Mayor following peaceful Baltimore Protests

Unprecedented collaboration of activists coming together to revitalize city

(BALTIMORE – June 5, 2020) – Be More United Community Organization in collaboration with several other grassroot organizations are meeting with Mayor Jack Young on Friday, June 5, 2020 to discuss community concerns following a week of powerful and energizing Baltimore Protests. This meeting with Mayor Young was scheduled after several community members met with Police Commissioner Michael Harrison to discuss improving law enforcement and community relations and to demand immediate and systematic change for Baltimore.

A press conference will be held following the meeting with Mayor Young at 1:00 pm in front of the War Memorial Building, 101 N. Gay Street, Baltimore, MD.  Social distancing protocols will be practiced.

In the meeting with Mayor Young community leaders plan to present a list of demands to reshape the landscape of Baltimore.  Those demands include: (1) The revitalization of  infrastructure to provide housing aid for lower income communities.  (2) an increase in minimum wage in order for citizens to share the economic growth in Baltimore and obtain sustainability. (3) the implementation of youth development initiatives, to ensure our youth are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.

In addition, community leaders will ask the Mayor and city officials to sign a commitment to revitalizing Baltimore to document and ensure their support of these efforts and as a reminder to Mayor Young and all elected officials that it is their job and responsibility to protect and advance the well-being of the residents of Baltimore.

Mayor Young, Police Commissioner Harrison and several other city officials have acknowledged the ambition and determination of this collaboration of community leaders to rebuild and restructure Baltimore. It is their hope that Mayor Young and officials will sign and commit to all three of the demands being offered by the community leaders.