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TOP NEWS: Please watch this video, it tells the entire story of how corporate America must be made to do their part in rebuilding (black lives that matter). See Ariel Investment’s CEO Mellody Hobson express to America that “Talk is Cheap!” This will ignite your spirit: – Content Curated By MG Media

UPDATED CLERGY: Please join us this Saturday, June 6 from 10 am-12 pm for Peace/Prayer Walk with Clergy from the Washington Park Community and the Washington Park Neighborhood Watch Group. We will meet in front of Gorham Church, 5600 S. Indiana Ave. Thanks to those of you who are donating water! Thank you and have a good evening! – DonnaWashington Park Chamber of Commerce

Peace Walk in Chatham: We’ve received relief requests from 100 small businesses across Chicago. It is our duty to rebuild, but this will be a process that takes weeks. It should not take protests and riots across the entire world for police departments to convict killers among them. This Sunday, June 7th we are hosting a Peace Walk on 79th Street. We’ll assemble at the intersection of 79th and Cottage at 10 am and march West to 7801 S. State Street where we will be giving out 1,000 meals to Southside residents. – Jahmal ColeMy Block My Hood My City


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Saluting Young America

Like the billions of people around the world who’ve been captured by countless hours of television, showing protest after protest, I’m so very excited about what I’ve seen. Even though my heart aches after watching the latest assassination of a Black person by our untrusted law enforcement officers, my spirit has been extremely uplifted by seeing a nation of young people not being held back while defending our freedom and protecting our liberties.

Never again, do I wanna hear some elite or foolish person within my generation criticize young people for not being what they think young people should be. Because clearly, these young folks today are much more than my generation has ever been. We’ve not been brave enough to place our freedoms on the line as these young people have during their march toward defeating (our) oppressors. My generation has not engaged in a movement like what we’re seeing today. We’ve spent our privileged time complaining and being armchair quarterbacks.

Aside from me and a few others (in the hundreds or thousands), we’ve become dependent and fixated on being embedded in Corporate America. And that’s cool, but in doing so, select folks have lost their will and freedom to fight. Even as most have lodged countless complaints about being discriminated against, being field hands wad much more comfortable regardless of the continued abuse. The best my generation could do was to have water cooler discussions or pity drinking parties on their sofas describing how the “man” has forced them to suffer his or her bigoted treatment.

But not this generation of young warriors. These strong and tech-savvy young hustlers have mobilized and created massive call-to-action movements that have penetrated our global world like never before. Let’s remember, it was a teenage girl who actually filmed the murder of George Floyd. What does that tell us? While my generation is posting photos of what they ate for lunch, the younger generation is capturing images that are changing the world. I’m super proud of whoever that young lady is. Her parents should be proud of her. I’d love to send her scholarship money for college if I could contact her family.

prot 2

Global Youth Protesters stand together

prot 3

Youth Protester takes a knee in front of Cops

Her video of Mr. Floyd being choked out by a racist cop, is probably good enough to win a Noble Peace Prize in photography/video. I hope that she’ll never be forgotten exactly how we’ll never forget George. Her heartfelt image ignited an explosion across the world that’ll surely change how America moves around and how Black folks are treated. That we can be sure of. It started with the horrible image of a man being lynched right before our eyes. The call-to-action was sparked by that single image. And I’m very optimistic that America will change for the better.

It was mainly young America that stood up to the evils that men do! Followed by young people across the globe joining in protests and marches–as young people inspired other young people in foreign lands to join the Black Lives Matter discussion. It has been a remarkable undertaking by strategic minds and overly excited emerging young leaders who’ve heard decades-long cries of their mothers and fathers and even grandparents. They knew that they couldn’t nor did they wanna live in a world where freedom was just a word. They wanna know a world where equal justice under the law is not just a cliche’ but a reality.

Man, do we owe them! I’m willing to pay whatever they ask. If a young person is focused and determined to change the world where he or she lives, work, and play, I’m committed to supporting their causes and efforts. It’s the least I can do after seeing them marching, going face to face with bogus cops night after night so that (I) couldn’t be harassed or victimized by bigoted police officers. These young people defied curfew laws and took beatings so that one day both their parents could walk the streets in harmony and/or they could feel the blowing wind at their free backs without looking over their shoulders to see if injustice was following them.

Most importantly, this was what Dr. King dreamed about and expressed. He knew that one day there could possibly be a world where all creeds, races, religions, and lifestyle types could join hands and collectively defeat the evils of the world. It took a collective display of courageous young people to show that freedom and peace are deserved and earned by all men and women. At some point in the near future, because of the actions by these young folks, we might finally be saluting America’s youth as (they) shout out, FREE AT LAST! Until the next edition….. I Write to Differ…

Seek the Truth, Know the Truth, Speak the Truth!


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Kwame Raoul


Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul is leading an effort to give states authority to investigate police departments that have shown a pattern of unconstitutional policing. Raoul is leading an effort to give state attorneys general authority to investigate police departments that have shown a pattern of abuse as the nation is torn apart by the killing of a black man in Minneapolis at the hands of a police officer.

“George Floyd’s death “shocked” the nation, but this is just one of many in a long line of African Americans who have lost their lives to the use of excessive force by police,” Raoul told Playbook. “We’re the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves. So when the Department of Justice says — as it previously has — that it is not the federal government’s responsibility to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies, attorneys general have a duty to step in and hold our local law enforcement agencies accountable.”

Raoul and New York Attorney General Tish James are leading a coalition of 15 attorneys general urging Congress in a letter today to expand federal law to give AGs clear statutory authority to investigate patterns or practices of unconstitutional policing. A little history: Congress gave similar authority to the DOJ in 1994, prompted by the 1991 Rodney King beating by Los Angeles police officers. That authority is part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which Raoul and the other AGs want to expand.

Their letter to Congress comes as Attorney General William Barr and his Justice Department has taken heat for not initiating a “pattern-or-practice” investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department in wake of George Floyd’s death. Such a probe could lead to a Consent Decree and reforms. It’s no surprise Raoul is leading the way on this effort. It’s a plan he had been working on before George Floyd’s death. He also supports the current Consent Decree that mandates broad police reform in the Chicago Police Department. – Content Curated By Tyler LaRiviere

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