The Glover Report: The Cases Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd: Time for Decent White People to Speak Up and Take Action

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – May 29, 2020) – All of this is so exhausting. No sooner than one incident fades to black, no pun intended, then here comes another dastardly and cowardly act. Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd are the latest to touch national and international news. An EMT, a jogger, a security guard – all killed by reckless racists, targeted for one common trait: the color of their skin. We have seen white mass murderers get taken into custody after shooting cops or at cops. However, Black people are not afforded such human decency. No, we are shot down like dogs in the street. We are choked out in front of social media. We are chased like fugitives although we did nothing wrong.

As a matter of fact, dogs get treated better than Black people in America. That’s the pathetic reality.

I try and exhibit fairness. I try to exhibit personal responsibility. I’m not a victim, so I don’t go around blaming people. My father taught me to focus on doing what I can do as a proud Black man, to not carry hatred in my heart, and to not complain and point fingers at the white man every chance I get. From time to time, I even remind us how many Black people are killing Black people. But, that’s not the story today. I’m pissed. Many others are, also.

I’m sure if Dad were alive, he’d be tired, too. Although he served in the US Army and then went on to become a noted funeral director, I’m sure between COVID and these random murders of Blacks by racists, even his patience would be worn thin.

Laura Nelson was lynched by a hate mob in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma on May 25, 1911. Her son, L.D. Nelson, was also lynched not far away.

It’s such a long list of victims of good ol’ American racism, sprinkled with names known and unknown. Since our first interaction with the European, there has always been conflict and war and repercussions. Sadly, the lynching of Black men and women continues today.

One would think that in 2020, we wouldn’t be seeing a repeat of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. However, the madness has never been arrested, and just like an addict, the behavior will continue until it is put in handcuffs and sentenced to life without parole.

My thoughts are many, including hosting a United Nations inquiry into the holocaust America has constantly subjected Black people to – all the while spreading “democracy” around the world.

Am I the only one who sees this hypocrisy? Western media is quick to blast Tiananmen Square in China, the tribal hostilities in Rwanda, the gassing in Syria and any other country, including North Korea, when their people push back. Our national news broadcasters tell us all about how wicked Russia is and how terrible Cuba is.

My only question for these journalists is when are they going to call out America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And I don’t want to hear the cries from right-wingers suggesting we go back to Africa. History clearly shows us that Black people are among the First Americans. Luzia in Brazil dates back 14,000 years and she was clearly Black.

My point, if anyone needs to leave, it is the ignorant folks who refuse to learn the truth.

And such lies become the breeding ground for some sick notion of perceived white supremacy.

For the perceived supremacists, I wish they had my Mama. She taught me that no one is better than me and I am no better than anyone else. It was a simple lesson.

Yet, in America today, we have so-called Ph.D.’s who are as ignorant as a rock.

All this to say, decent white people in America have to speak up and do more than stand idly by like they do not see what is happening. If America is to thrive, racism must go immediately.

Derek Chauvin has been taken into custody, and there is a temporary sense of justice evolving. Yet, some other fouled up scenario will unfold down the line, as it always does, that will snatch the balance out of the scales of justice. Just wait.

Kudos to James Hodge for speaking up. Melissa McCrery, thank you for speaking up. We just need another 100 million people who are also white to do the same. Riots don’t change things. Marches don’t change things. The insertion of the National Guard won’t change things. This level of racial hatred and bigotry is spiraling out of control and – really and truly – must end now. Otherwise, this country is headed to hell wearing gasoline drawers. And it would be such a tragedy all the way around.

We’re going to keep on until we’re all speaking another hegemony’s language, like Chinese.

The saddest part, however, is the blind ignorance that seemingly cannot be undone. Some will go so far as to die before admitting that another human being has and deserves basic human rights. How sick!