State Senator Jill P. Carter and Delegate Talmadge Branch Endorse Carl Stokes for City Council President

(BALTIMORE – May 29, 2020) – Yesterday, Baltimore City Council President candidate Carl Stokes dropped a haymaker. Baltimore State Senator Jill P. Carter and Delegate Talmadge Branch, the Majority Whip of the Maryland House of Delegates, endorsed him for President of the Baltimore City Council. These elected officials join a growing list of civic, philanthropic and elected officials supporting Stokes for City Council President.

“I am supporting Carl Stokes because he has proven that he will stand up and fight for the civil and human rights of all Baltimore City residents,” stated Senator Jill P. Carter (D-41st District).

Carter has been a stand-up soldier on behalf of Black people in Baltimore. She is the daughter of Civil Rights leader Walter P. Carter. Like Carter, Stokes also has a long track record of speaking truth to power.

Additionally, a noted Eastside delegate made his voice know also.

“I am honored to support Carl Stokes for City Council President because he is the only candidate in this race that demanded annual audits of every department and city agency to find waste, fraud and abuse,” said Delegate Talmadge Branch (D-45th District).

Both state legislators carry weight in Annapolis and this announcement just might be enough to get Stokes across the finish line first.