Guest Editorial: THIS IS MY TRUTH.💔 by Debbi Rice

(BALTIMORE – May 29, 2020) – It’s taken a few days for me to post regarding the recent racist atrocities.

I am hurt.

I am angry.

I am concerned.

I am filled with distrust.

I am hopeful.

I am hurt that many of the Caucasian people in my life whom I consider “friends” have not spoken out against the horrific racism or reached out to check on the emotional state of their Black “friends.”

Don’t tell us that you don’t know what to say.

Start with “This is wrong. People should never be treated so inhumanly. I’m sorry it happened.”

Thank you to the few White friends who have reached out and are using their privilege to combat hate. You know who you are.

I see and appreciate you!👍🏾

I’m angry that many of my white “friends” continue posting their funny memes, and talking about the type of wine they’re drinking during quarantine, as if their lives haven’t been touched or affected at all by these tragedies.

It infuriates me that a white man killed two people, kidnapped another, crossed state lines and kept police at bay six days, and was CAPTURED and calmly walked to a police cruiser as if he stole a 10 year old’s bike, but a Black man who allegedly wrote a bad check, begged for his life and was KILLED under the knee of someone who took an oath to “protect and serve.”

Meanwhile in Central Park, a Harvard educated Black man was the victim of a completely fabricated LIE simply because he asked a white woman to leash her dog! Thankfully, he captured her Emmy-worthy performance on videotape.

Is this 1958?😡

I am concerned for my wonderful, talented, kind, educated, purpose-filled adult Black children who are not viewed as such through the lense of the horribly ingrained racism of the United States. Unfortunately, society doesn’t always see their beauty, but looks at them as another one of “those people.”

I’m filled with distrust of the people who smile in my face, but behind closed doors teach their children and grandchildren that I’m “less than” they.

I’m distrustful of those who argued that Kapernick’s protest was unpatriotic, instead of a peaceful statement to bring awareness to grave injustices against Black people.

I’m distrustful of people who are “tired of talking about racism, diversity, and inclusion.”

Guess what? We, Black people, are tired of LIVING IT!🙄

My parents taught me to love all people, but it’s sobering to be reminded each day that not everyone loves me. That would be okay if we had personality differences. However, treating people as trash because of their skin color is unacceptable.

Yes. I’m a woman of faith.

“I would have given up unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” ~Psalm 27:13

I usually keep my posts fun, light, and encouraging. That’s the core of me.

However, the events of the last few weeks have caused me to feel drained.

I’m tired of seeing Black people’s names behind hashtags, while society blames the victims.

If this post offends you, check your heart, motives, and excuses.

I would love to continue our friendship, but I understand if you choose to unfollow me for SPEAKING MY TRUTH IN LOVE WITH A BROKEN HEART. 💔

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