The Glover Report: 51,716: Run Tell That

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – May 22, 2020) – Politics is a dirty game. It is also a game of chess.

If another Black person comes to me about something they’ve read in the Baltimore Sun, I think I will scream. Damn! Support Black media, Black people! Is that so hard?

Granted, the Sun has more writers than Bmorenews and most other publications. After all, they are the city’s only daily newspaper. However, how much credit do we give a paper that has never loved the Black community? While it is not as bad as it used to be, as it relates to coverage – fair and balanced – of the Black community, Marsha Jews often reminds me of her experiences there during a meeting many moons ago.

She said that the editor at the time blatantly had no interest whatsoever of covering a major event in the city, the Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA). For the uninitiated, BEYA has been put on – year- after year – for decades. Led by Tyrone Taborn, BEYA is the annual event presented by Taborn’s flagship publication. A news magazine publisher whom is respected around the globe, Taborn publishes Black Engineer Magazine and Hispanic Engineer Magazine. Further, his event regularly turns out generals, admirals, astronauts and the like. It is no slight affair.

I could go on, but the point is that in a critical election year, where the Sun really wants Mary Miller to win, the texter this morning was letting me know that the Sun endorsed Brandon Scott for Mayor. A day or so ago, they had Scott in third place in their poll, with Mary “Whites Only Super PAC” Miller tied with Sheila Dixon.

I don’t believe their poll for a very simple reason. Miller has never held an elected office. How in the world can you just come in the race and buy your way to the top? It didn’t work for David Warnock, and despite the couple of Black faces who supposedly support her, it won’t be enough for her to penetrate an otherwise insular Black vote either.

As for Mr. Brandon Scott, for one – I have not seen him once in West Baltimore. I’m not saying he hasn’t been here. I’m just saying in my 50 plus years in this city, I have never seen him in West Baltimore.

With the backing of Martin O’Malley’s tough political machine, we are to believe that Scott best represents the interests of Black people. Sorry, but I’ve not seen it. What I have seen is a sterile representation of a politician who I’m supposed to like simply because he’s Black. Eh ehmm! It don’t work like that!

If you are going to represent me, I need you to already be a proponent of Black business, first and foremost. And, thus far, I have not seen it. Again, I’m not saying he is not a Black business advocate. I am saying that I have never seen it. And Black business is my beat.

If I haven’t heard a Wayne Frazier of the Maryland-Washington Minority Companies Association tout his name, then I know that Scott has a long way to go as a politician. Frazier’s MWMCA hosts the largest annual Black business breakfast in the State of Maryland.

If Scott has never had a conversation with Renny Bass, one of the most influential members of Baltimore’s Black business community, then, once again, I know he is not ready for prime time.

Long story short, Sheila Dixon has a following of her own, unlike the rest of these off-brands running for mayor. She has the skill. She has the energy. And she has faced every hand grenade thrown at her by detractors, official and unofficial.

So, find me a candidate who can garner 51,716 write-in votes, and I’ll be a believer. Meanwhile, I predict a landslide: Dixon by 15 points. Now, run tell that!