The Glover Report: Politics, Ballots, Polls, Baltimore’s Citywide Election … and Today’s BPW Meeting

Source: Baltimore Sun

Board of Public Works Meeting at 10 am to address State Board of Elections’ dismal performance in getting ballots to voters  

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – May 20, 2020) – In reality, the top of the poll is the same as it’s been from Day 1. Sheila Dixon, I am reminded, garnered 51,716 write-in votes in the 2016 General Election. Not one of these mayoral candidates have ever had that kind of reach. Actually, three so-called front-runners have never been elected (Miller, Vignarajah, Smith).

As for this graphic, I’m not convinced that Brandon is that high, nor that TJ is that low. Also, one can never count out the incumbent. The incumbent knows things, by virtue of his position, that few others do – such as the chain of custody of ballots once we drop them in the mail.
On that note, I smell some sneaky sh*t coming. After all, this is Baltimore. Cruddy things were done last time, things that now have us in a terrible bind – like this soaring murder rate. I recall how the entire Democratic establishment turned a blind eye to the craziness that unfolded, like the Election Day riot at Catherine Pugh’s West Baltimore campaign office as people were told there was no work for them, despite the promises made. I am also reminded of the political shenanigans of insidious political operatives like Wayne Clark, Pugh’s guy, whom we haven’t seen since.
As for Mary Miller, she’s been exposed for the closet race-baiter she always has been. A super pac gave her 52k after stating they would close operations earlier this week – or something like that. She comes off cool and calm, but darn sure looks like Margaret Sanger to me. Black people, please pay attention. She only cares about the White part of Baltimore, not us.
And as for #FreakNasty who got caught trickin’ on Greenmount after midnite – crusin’ with no headlights and on a suspended license, I don’t know why ANY true Baltimorean would fall for this Napoleonic moron.
Additionally, be sure to check out today’s Board of Public Works Meeting. The State Board of Elections will be questioned about why the ballots have gone out so late. Many voters have reported that they have not received one in the mail yet. The meeting is at 10 am and online.
Last thing: This election is simple. Either choose a candidate who will only continue to feed the “White L” and forsake the “Black Butterfly”, or mail-in your vote for Sheila Dixon, a person who will serve ALL of Baltimore. It’s that simple. We don’t need polarizing pretenders who act like they know us and are cool with us. We need a bona fide champion.
And you gotta admit, that Sheila Dixon is a fighter. She’s shied away from no challengers. And while she has a dominance on the Westside, she has also been to every other part of town, including Canton and Locust Point. Further, she has walked these streets, knocked on doors, engaged young people with some actual results, helped people get jobs, sat with and listened to our seniors, and has addressed the mass incarceration that’s created the largest prison population in the world. Further, in the midst of COVID-19, she’s handed out food and connected hundreds of citizens to resources, like the Maryland Food Bank.
So, yes! The answer is simple. If you want Baltimore to have a fighting chance, then mail-in your vote for a proven leader: Sheila Ann Dixon. My prediction? It hasn’t changed: Dixon by 15 points!