TGR: Jim Smith Sticks His Hand in the City … Again. This time with Mary Miller and PAC Only Targeting White Voters.

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – May 20, 2020) – It was revealed Monday in a leaked email that Mary Miller is accepting money from a PAC only targeting White voters in Baltimore’s Primary Election. She claimed she was going to disassociate herself from the PAC and return the money. Then, another $122k was raised, despite the media frenzy it caused.

According to today’s Baltimore Brew, “Nearly half of the funds – $52,000 – was received yesterday, a day after the PAC’s treasurer, Martin G. Knott Jr., announced that the group was “immediately ceasing operations.”

What’s more interesting to this journalist is an old familiar name that has consequently re-emerged: Jim Smith, the former Baltimore County Executive who loaned Catherine Pugh $100,000 in the 2016 election.

In exchange for his support of Pugh, Smith got a 6-figure, no-show job at City Hall.

This is the same Jim Smith who hauled ass as soon as Pugh caught the ire of the Feds. This is the same Jim Smith who pushed Vickie Almond for County Executive in Baltimore County and dumped over $300k into her nosediving campaign where Johnny Olszewski won by 17 votes.

And so, now Smith, an attorney, is once again sticking his nose in Baltimore City business. While I love the tenacity, I hate the polarizing politics that come with him.

I have never seen one instance where this man has my community’s interest at heart. Period. Between him and Martin O’Malley, I’m not sure who is worse. Honestly, this is the type of Democratic politics that leaves the Greater Baltimore area stuck on a 50-year stupidity that’s deeply hinged in institutional racism.

This is exactly the type of politics that goes down in Maryland, despite a 30% Black population that is historically loyal to the Democratic Party. It is individuals like Jim Smith who maintain a plantation mentality and have failed to embrace diversity in this the 21st century.

Go, home, Jim! We’re good without you … and your politics. No thanks!


How to vote by mail:

1. You should expect your ballot this week thru Saturday, May 23, 2020. If you don’t receive one, please submit a ballot request to or call 1-800-222-8683.

2. Prepare to fill out your ballet with a black ink pen.

3. In the Mayor’s section, fill in the bubble next to Sheila Dixon.

4. Place your completed ballot back in the envelope and seal it.

5. Print and sign your name on the outside of the envelope. (No stamp required)

6. Drop off envelope at your local post office.