Op-Ed: Druid Heights CDC Responds to Thiru Vignarajah Misleading TV Commercial

Photo: Peter Brooks, a descendant of Cab Calloway, is featured in the Vignarajah mayoral ad on television. Brooks, who has never expressed any interest in a home his grandfather lived in for 4 years, led an effort to save a dilapidated shell for which Druid Heights CDC already had plans to make it a park. Brooks, who is the son of Camay Murphy, has taunted the Historic West Baltimore community development corporation in the media repeatedly, but to no avail. Brooks, further, harassed board member Jackie Cornish, a staple in the community who has earned much respect for her leadership over the years. It should be noted that Druid Heights CDC is a most viable inner-city CDC operated by Blacks.   

Thiru Vignarajah, Mayoral Candidate

May 19, 2020
Mr. Thiru Vignarajah,

On behalf of the Baltimore City Historic Druid Heights community, this correspondence is sent to refute your misleading political TV advertisement that shows you standing in front of a row of condemned houses in the 2200 block of Druid Hill Avenue. For more than twenty years, those houses have been vacant, falling apart, abandoned and a danger to community residents.

Mr. Vignarajah, you have never once bothered to come to the community residents or to the real community representatives to learn of the community’s long-term plans and long-time efforts at revitalization. Instead, you chose to publicly give the wrong impression that you were speaking for and protecting the Druid Heights community.

You expressed no factual knowledge of the history of Historic Druid Heights. Druid Heights residents have expressed to me, their disappointment with your campaign misrepresentation. Your actions were contemptable to the Druid Heights residents who vote.

Many Druid Heights residents are seriously concerned that as a result of your q uestionable behavior, you show yourself as not ready to serve as Mayor of the Baltimore City community.

If you are interested in learning the truth about the Druid Heights community’s successes, struggles and its efforts, please feel free to contact me in my office at 410-523-1350, Ext. 301, or directly on my mobile at 1-240-586-2941.

anthony Pressley
Anthony Pressley,
Executive Director