I’m asking

What a beautiful day!  Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, I was able to pitch in on a community clean up (see picture below!) in Park Heights.  Team Dixon partnered with with WE GOT US organization to tackle the trash in alleys, along sidewalks, and on empty lots.

I know you’ve been receiving emails from my campaign about our important fundraising deadline tomorrow at midnight, but I wanted you to hear from me personally.

The election is 17 days away.  Ballots will begin arriving in the mail this week, and undecided voters are starting to make up their minds. We can’t afford to let up now – not when we’re leading in the polls and so close to winning this election.

We’re over 1/2 way to our $5250 goal.

Can you help us get there? Click here to send your donation to my campaign now.

The people of Baltimore have fueled me through these last six months, and I know that they will put us over the top on June 2.

Thank you for your help – I appreciate your support of my campaign and our city!

In gratitude,

Sheila Dixon

P.S. If you gave recently and are hearing from me again-thank you, and we apologize for being so persistent!  We’re moving fast and I haven’t had a chance to review all of the donations yet.

P.P.S. If you prefer to give by mail, please send send a check or money order payable to Friends for Sheila Dixon, PO Box 19985, Baltimore MD 21211.

By Authority: Friends for Sheila Dixon, Geneva Smith, Treasurer