The Glover Report: Next Mayor Has to Address Failing Consent Decree; It’s not working!

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – May 16, 2020) – The single-most debilitating policy issue currently in Baltimore, from my perch, is the Consent Decree. Plain and simple, it has had an adverse effect on the Baltimore Police Department. Consequently, the cops have taken a knee. They are not compelled to go out of their way to stop crime because many fear reprisals, lawsuits, and criminal prosecution.

Agree or disagree, but the fact is, Baltimore remains one of the most violent cities in America.

At present, a kumbaya approach to law enforcement is in play as a direct result of the Freddie Gray Uprising. What does this mean?

With the federal Consent Decree in play, the idea is to make Baltimore cops kinder and gentler. I get it. They broke law and jaws for a long time without recourse. Their history is one with a serious lack of concern for Baltimore’s majority Black population.

So, while the days of former Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley arrested one in 6 Baltimoreans with his “zero tolerance” approach, the Consent Decree has pushed the pendulum all the way to the left.

For instance, loitering today is not the same as the loitering in years and decades past. Cops have to go through a series of prompts before they can arrest a person.

Folks, this ain’t working. People are selling drugs in earshot and plain sight of cops who are sitting in their cars without regard for the law. I see it every day. I also see a barrage of new, White addicts flooding the Black community in search of drugs without any fear of law enforcement whatsoever.

If Black addicts were flooding Bolton Hill like White addicts have flooded Sandtown, the National Guard would have been called by now.

Don’t believe me? Go to the corner of Fremont and Winchester – directly opposite a homeless shelter left in Sandtown, compliments of Catherine Pugh. This is the original “tent city” group that she moved from in front of City Hall. That was three and a half years ago and was supposed to be for only three months.

Mind you, this shelter at 1200 N. Fremont is surrounded by home owners.

Every day of the week, this homeless shelter gets 9-1-1 calls for either police or paramedics. You can’t tell me it is not a drain on the City. To boot, it is directly opposite on the of the largest open-air drug markets in the City of Baltimore.

It’s as if the City just stuck this homeless shelter in the middle of the “Dope Triangle” between Upton and Sandtown. We’ve told the last mayor and the current mayor. We’ve told our Councilmen. We’ve screamed until we are blue in the face. Yet, all day every day – our beloved community is bombarded with people looking for drugs. Sure, we’ve had issues in the past. But now, the problem is on steroids.

This is all over the city.

Meanwhile, we have politicians pretending to know what they are doing. If they knew what they are doing, we would not see the lawlessness and flagrant disregard for law and order that we see. It is shameful and disgusting. I honestly don’t know how these folks sleep at night knowing that they are failing us all in a most tremendous way.

Great job!

The next mayor will have a serious decision to make: Whether or not to keep this Consent Decree. At the current rate, criminals will go free and law abiding citizens will either leave or be killed. The politicians know it. The mainstream media knows it. The cops know it. And the criminals definitely know it, too!