When My Beautiful Black Boy Grows from Cute to a Threat BY GEORGINA DUKES

I am the mother of a brilliant eight-year-old boy. His name is Romeo and I love him very much. He has this beautiful dark curly hair that always smells like coconut. When he smiles, his sweet little eyes disappear in his cheeks and his smile becomes so contagious that you can’t help but smile back at him. When we are out and about, I constantly get compliments about how cute and adorable my Romeo is …but soon those “cute” compliments will fade and none of the aforementioned will matter because he is BLACK.

Raising a black boy is a scary blessing. It is like a big countdown from when your child grows from this cute little person into a threatening weapon. Even though, my black baby boy may hate violence, may not believe in carrying weapons or even fighting. The sheer amount of melanin in his skin will make him a threat in a short amount of time. READ IN FULL