Op-Ed: The City Cafe is “Baltimore – For real, For real …”

Re: Baltimore Business Journal article City Cafe will close permanently due to coronavirus pandemic

By Willie Flowers

(BALTIMORE – May 13, 2020) – A Baltimore staple spot. Easy in, easy out. No fuss and you could always see or be seen.

A place for the so-called power meetings, happy hour, date night and hook up spot, dinner for a few, breakfast and Sunday brunch on a crowded sided walk (before they legalized dogs outside).

They had the syrupy concoction in the glass infused with a little vodka and a taste of something else … Harbortini, French Kiss, Fuzzy Navel, Cosmo (before they legalized weed.)

The place had about 3 levels, as a I recall, with the bar at the bottom floor and Baltimore-cultured staff who always looked like adult students, but happy: maybe UB, Peabody or U Maryland.
Speaking of dates and co-eds … Wasn’t it like a late enough spot to connect and get lucky before the Horseshoe and before legalized gambling?

I have driven by many times thinking that I would stop in for breakfast or lunch just to stop in but parking was never great and then there was the issue of legalized bike paths.

Where will we go after Artscape and the Washington Monument lighting now?

“We will always have” Cathedral and Maryland Avenue … and memories …

(Maybe if they had not legalized dogs, weed and gambling and bikes we would still have the City Cafe.)

“For real, for real ….”