Op-Ed: TRUMP’S HIDDEN AGENDA (Response to “Who the Hell Wants Another Four Years of This?”) by Bruce Olamina Stevenson

In response to “Who the Hell Wants Another Four Years of This?”

(BALTIMORE – May 11, 2020) – We know the Republican Party is going to exist. They just need to get a better human being to lead their party. This idiot is incompetent.

However, he has a hidden strategy regarding the pandemic. He wants the economy open and to be thriving; it’s his only chance of remaining in office. But, here are two motives behind his scheme. The moment Trump is removed from office, he knows he is going to jail. The 9th District in New York has an indictment waiting with a orange jumpsuit and matching handcuffs.

And two, Trump knows who is impacted the most by this virus; he knows what blue states and red states. He also knows who is dying. And he is well-aware dead people don’t vote. He has blood on his hands. He doesn’t care who dies or how many people die … as long as he saves himself from going to jail!