Angela Davis and Nikki Giovanni, May 8th

Three years ago, with the world watching, Vanessa and Morgan introduced themselves on the TedTalk stage by honoring their mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and great-great grandmothers. It went like this…

“I am Vanessa, daughter of Annette, daughter of Olympia, daughter of Malvina, daughter of Katie, born 1878 Parish county, Louisiana. 
And my name is Morgan, daughter of Carol, daughter of Letha, daughter of Willie, daughter of Sarah, born in 1849 in Barnsdown, Kentucky.”
In that moment of calling the names of their mothers and uplifting their heritage, a vision was born. The vision of collective storytelling of the lineage and legacy of Black women. Stories of who we are and where we come from, as told by the daughters of fearless Black women. We are the daughters of…


Freedom Fighters



Today, that vision comes to life as GirlTrek officially launches the special #DaughtersOf campaign. It is a call for a mass rejuvenation through the sharing of our stories on hope, healing and happiness. We invite you to join us as we graciously bring this campaign to life and kick off Mother’s Day weekend THIS FRIDAY with the most special and sacred affair we could imagine: 

A LIVE Discussion with 




You read that right, sis!

Legendary women, writers and visionaries Angela Davis and Nikki Giovanni will be joining GirlTrek’s FB LIVE for a FIRST-EVER JOINT discussion this Friday unpacking the trials of the Black women who came before us, honoring their triumphs and acknowledging the secret tools we must recall in pursuit of our ultimate liberation and healing. We could not have imagined a more purposeful way to birth this special campaign nor two iconic women more passionate about the collective wellness of Black women. 

After all, the GirlTrek movement is rooted in the wisdom, healing traditions and self-care strategies of our mothers and foremothers. It is up to us to honor and carry on their legacies. 

We encourage you to tell YOUR #DaughtersOf story and we’ll be sharing specific steps on how to do that in our upcoming newsletter and on social media so make sure you’re following GirlTrek on Instagram and Facebook. We’ve got more exciting announcements (and prizes) lined up!

For now, we are committed to making Friday’s moment as special as we can for you so we’re offering all GirlTrekkers the opportunity to submit questions for Nikki Giovanni and Angela Davis HERE. The deadline to submit is Friday at 12p ET.

We love you. We serve you. And we invite you to join us this Friday to learn more about what’s in store with this campaign and to hear the wisdom of legendary women who have elevated, inspired and assured us ALL of our sense of worth with their life works.  

Set your reminder here and send the link to your mama, your sisters, your friends and all the Black women in your life who deserve to be reminded of their glory.

This is for them. This is for US. This is what #DaughtersOf is all about. Because when Black women tell our stories, we heal our spirits.