The Greatest Love Story Ever Told | Ericka Alston | TEDxHampdenWomen

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I am what despair and abuse, abandonment, hopelessness and depravity look like, however I don’t look like it on the outside, so you don’t treat me like where I’ve been. Through a suicide attempt, I was introduced to recovery. Recovery introduced me to me. Someone I had never met. Once I was introduced to me, it was important that I formulate the best romance ever and find a way to give to myself what I had been responsible for giving to others all of my life, hope. Once I learned how to give it to me and always keep just enough to give to another woman, my sisters, my eyes and ears. I began living a life with a purpose. It’s the best love story ever. Telling my everyday story may inspire someone to share that she needs help with addiction, or give someone the freedom to share that she too is living a life of recovery. To shatter the stigma associated with drug addiction and recovery. Professional, engaged, mommy. Intelligent, articulate and funny. Sincere, compassionate and giving. I am more than my title and more than my appearance. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at