The Glover Report: Why We Want Our Mayor Back!

Sheila Dixon for Mayor of Baltimore

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – APRIL 12, 2020) – Have you ever been knocked down on your butt? Better yet, have you ever stood up for something and then you were denied simply because you had the testicular fortitude to take a stance for your people?

You see, there are some in this town who want us to be perpetually denied.

While North and Charles gets built up seemingly overnight, go a mile east or west and one will find two Black communities that have not seen development since before the Riots of 1968. Clearly, there are those who are okay with no progress in these Black communities. Instead, these power brokers have put their influence on building up Harbor East. To hell with the Black community!

That’s why Sheila Dixon is my candidate, and has been since her first steps towards re-election way back in 2013. She is a grown woman who looked her enemies in the eye. She didn’t blink nor stutter. She stuck to her guns. And she never put blame on anyone else. She stood up to the demons and withstood their endless attacks on her character – only to emerge purified and ready to get back to work. Yep! She showed us how to fight! God knows, we sure do need someone to address our issues finally.

I have spent a lot of time in her presence and I can tell you that she is one heck of a woman, a great leader, and a lover of all things Baltimore. I can also tell you unequivocally that the “lamestream media” has painted an ugly picture of her simply because of the whims and notions of a few nasty people whose names hardly deserve mention.

After all, Sheila fights a clean fight, just like she fought in the 2016 election that was obviously stolen by Catherine Pugh and the Maryland Democratic establishment. Yet, for all of the efforts by people like former Martin O’Malley employee Alex Sanchez, the truth was ultimately revealed amidst the whole “Healthy Holly” debacle. After all the Democratic machine in Maryland did to propel Pugh to Mayor over Sheila, despite a de-certified election with over 1,800 voting irregularities, Pugh turned out like many of us knew she always was: all about self.

In any event, Dixon has been working overtime. As a candidate, she shows young bucks how it’s done. From a very disciplined call schedule to knocking on doors to Mayoral Mondays to organizing food drops with the Maryland Food Bank and others in the face of COVID-19, Sheila Dixon has the heart of champion. I’ve said it countless times: This woman has more guts than a lot of men, especially here in Baltimore.

Too often, our people are gullible and fall for the okie doke. Too often, we believe the newspaper or the local news without doing our own investigation in what is a one-newspaper town. We do not read and support our Black-owned media like we should. We do not support our Black businesses like we should. And, too often, we allow our religious leaders to live above the law without proper accountability.

Real Talk: There was a time when the politicians, the business owners, and the preachers had a certain savoir faire about them. They understood the concept of “Black Wall Street” because segregation gave us no other option. Yet, after integration, we, as a community, got soft and stopped attending NAACP meetings and the like. We were stymied by our own passivity and comfortability while our counterparts stayed focused. We used to be strong, but as our late leaders passed on, very few were capable of picking up the baton. And today, while we have a new cadre of millennial leaders, they unfortunately lack the historical perspective and are devoid of the works and accomplishments of the likes of George McMechen, Harvey Johnson, Vernon Dobson and Victorine Adams. They are unfamiliar with the efforts by the Goon Squad and have absolutely no clue whatsoever of how powerful the Mutual United Brotherhood of Liberty was nor what they fought against.

Sadly, many of us think that the fight for equality is over. It is not.

For many politicians, the ability to tell the truth is a rarity. To speak truth to power, well – that just doesn’t happen these days. Black people in Baltimore have become so sterile that it is a crying shame. We have never been beggars, yet, we keep electing a caliber of politicians who just are not that effective. Thus, their lack of vision has us in perils. If they were knocking down doors like Parren J. Mitchell, I honestly think we’d see the Black community in better shape than it is.

Anyway, just wanted to give a huge round of love and support to Sheila Dixon. I pray that God keeps her, that the people vote for her again (all 51,716, including Sheila’s precious and faithful seniors, who wrote her name in on the ballot in the 2016 General Election), and that we all keep God first. Frankly, we can do better than this. There is no way that we should not be doing better. I just don’t understand it. Baltimore is a proud city with a powerful history, especially for Black folks. Prior to the Civil War, Baltimore had more free Blacks than anywhere in the nation. But, something happened to us over the years. And, many of our leaders have since gone on to glory. Yet, we are still here and that means that we still have a chance.

On a positive note, I think more of us see the light. I think more people see thru the magic show thrown by our local media and can better connect the dots. This, my friends, is so wonderful. After all, how long can you keep playing the same ol’ tricks on people?

So, please join us on June 2, 2020 for the Mayoral Election and help Sheila get back to work. Out of the thirty plus candidates, she is the best one and everybody knows it. It’s very simple. If you want more of the same crap, including the highest murder rate in the nation, then vote for one of the off-brands. If you want tangible results like a business-friendly city, like new and returning families buying homes in Baltimore, like a better school system that produces college and technical school students, like cops who actually fight crime and not sit in their cars – then cast your vote for Sheila Dixon. She will serve the people. I bet my life on it!

Thanks and Happy Resurrection Sunday!