Op-Ed: CHIANTI JACKSON HARPOOL: Adrian Harpool’s Loving Farewell to Wife’s “Well-Lived” Life, a Victim of COVID-19

By Adrian Harpool

(BALTIMORE – April 9, 2020) – My delay in posting is perhaps due to my unwillingness to accept the reality of the loss of my dear wife and friend Chianti Jackson Harpool yesterday morning. But in fact in the midst of the 4:00am hail storm to the sound of booming thunder and the sky show of lightning that GOD orchestrated, the Heavens opened to welcome Chianti to her next life.

After a three-week battle with pneumonia and other complications brought by a Coronavirus, she decided to stop her fight and join our friend, Jesus. Her faith in him was never in question for me as we met by her offering a seat beside her at City Temple Baptist Church where she had attended as a child an had been baptized. That began a 12-year relationship with what was likely the kindest and warmest person I have ever met.

She loved those who loved her and tried to love those that didn’t maybe even harder. Never spreading a rumor of a lie about anyone and always quick to give a compliment. She greeted everyone with a smile and offered friendship to all who would accept it. Willing to give without a demand or an angle of her time, talent, or treasure. If you knew her, you know this as the truth.

I, her family, and close friends will miss her dearly, but if we follow her example, we, too, might meet GOD’s approval and as a reward be greeted once again by her sweet smile in the life that Jesus has assured the faithful.

Due to the current laws, only a small private ceremony will be held for the family. We will plan a “Party” for the summer to celebrate “A life well-lived”.

Can’t miss the opportunity to encourage everyone to “Stay Safe”. Thank you for all of the prayers for the family and for me, and do “Keep the Faith”!