BALTIMORE: Need Diapers?

Diaper distribution schedule is in chart below…please feel free to share.

A bit more information here:

  1. Each hub will be staffed by people from each partner agency to ensure that items are being distributed efficiently and properly.
  2. Individuals will be required to show proof of their child’s age to receive diapers (WIC Card, birth certificate, daycare verification, pediatrician documentation.)
  3. Each family will receive either 2 packs in the size they need or two packs of diapers, 2 packs of wipes, and 2 cream per child

Note that in addition to the sites listed below, NEXT WEEK 66,000 diapers will be taken to 6 public housing sites: Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, Cherry Hill, Greenmount, Westport, Crispus Attucks.