UPDATES: Bmorenews.com, the news before the news …


Dear Bmorenews Partners, Supporters, and Friends:

These are extremely critical times across the globe. Life as we know it has dramatically changed before our very eyes due to the CO-VID19 pandemic. We are all grappling with this new sense of normalcy that is different from anything most of us have ever experienced.

What you can count on from Bmorenews.com is a continued effort to help provide news, updates and timely information for our readers.

Further, if you have info that you want to get published, email us at doni@bmorenews.com.

Please be safe, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. Also, check on our seniors and other vulnerable populations. Lastly, say a prayer for those in hospitals, nursing homes, and the incarcerated. Truth be told, say a prayer for the entire human race.

Lastly, a huge round of applause for all of the people out there on the front lines doing the work. Whether they are employed at supermarkets, doing deliveries, or those bravehearts working in the hospitals across America … THANK YOU!