Op/Ed: No Good Crisis Goes Un-Leveraged for White Supremacy

Under Disaster Capitalism and The Shock Doctrine (In response to Washington Post’s Coronavirus could hit the world’s most vulnerable people hardest”)

By Michael Scott

(BALTIMORE – March 27, 2020) – Intentionally so…

So the primary public health threat at this very moment is the durable American ideology and culture of GREED. As the character Gordon Gekko said in the 80’s in Wall Street: “Greed is Good […and in this case it should be amended to]…Greed is Good to “thinning the human heard….through death.”

How ideal a weapon, how easy an excuse to get rid of undesirables. The poor, the melanated …the black the brown…the daft thinking goes. An Act of God… it will be said.

Those with lowest power will be forced to work…randomly by fiat of greedy bosses deemed essential personnel by more powerful supervisors who need not even threaten to fire them because their jobs and their livelihoods are so precarious it need not even be stated explicitly.

Who will have the national or public interest? …keep the McCarthy like violators list? No one, is who. If it did exist who would enforce when the federal government itself is posturing to end this thing in a few weeks.

The next rung up of powerless…well they’ll be forced back into dangerous public health positions and negative externality multiplier impact by returning too soon. The politics of it will be justified because well if Democrats can block a public health bailout …because it sweetens the pot for businesses too much… in their opinion through what they are calling a slush fund, then we must not be in such a serious crisis as to avoid “getting our economy back on track”.

And then it will spread like wildfire. Convention centers full of the dying.

This could be Jamestown’s revenge. The chickens coming home to roost in the Network Age so to speak.

Because if this pandemic has proven anything it is that our connected-ness will mean this mentality will backfire because our survival instincts haven’t yet evolved to catch up with our habits of connected-ness. And our leaders are still decision making in dangerous old paradigms. And having elected vapid, shallow, compassion-less racist imbeciles into the highest offices in the land this is what we get. What America karmically deserves perhaps for electing a kakistocracy. But it will land first on the least of us…these most at risk. And then it will spread.

One might be tempted to think there are no adults in the room. But it may be that the ones that are… are so inhumane and barbaric and racist and functionally if not actually stupid …blinded by all of these identity and belief factors

…that we deny that their practiced, feining ignorance maybe an intentional poverty reduction, and population thinning, entitlement diminishing, immigration curbing …blame- it-all-on Corona tactic. It doesn’t need to rise to a level of grand strategy through conspiracy though,

…so no need to diminish this analysis dismissively as tin foil helmet talk…

… because 1st order conspiracies aren’t needed when 2nd order reactions ensure that no good crisis goes to waste.

Don’t believe me…find some contrasts between this group and others in power.

No daylight between em.

“How can you implement ‘social distancing’ if you live in a slum or a refugee camp?”