The Glover Report: Baltimore’s 2020 Mayoral Polls Attempt to Push Off-Brands Amidst Floundering Campaign Efforts

Dixon slated to win by 15 points

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – March 26, 2020) – If I didn’t know better, I’d say the most recent poll results are laughable. It’s a good thing I know better. At the same time, in the battle for the next Baltimore Mayor, any and all challengers are taken seriously. For a Sheila Dixon Campaign, this means that every challenger is a threat and is treated appropriately.

Still, one has to admit that these challengers are very creative in how they attempt to position themselves. And it is also fascinating to watch the media attempt to find the best person to beat Dixon. Rather than point to any credible accomplishments of their own, they’ve typically taken the lowly road of trying to swing on the clear-cut leader. Never mind that they have unanswered questions of their own to address. Instead, these candidates are caught up in a perpetual game of deflection.

What’s even more interesting is the level of support some are getting from the media. Let me just say that while one would expect the media to take a back seat in this 2020 Mayoral Race, especially considering how the mainstream media overwhelmingly supported Catherine Pugh and helped to put Baltimore in the quagmire in which we currently find ourselves, this is the American Democratic process. And, unfortunately, it is legal.

Take, for instance, the initial “so-called” front runner, Thiru Vignarajah. If you let Fox 45 News tell the story, Vignarajah was the quintessential example of what they thought was the perfect candidate. It was working until the real Vignarajah was exposed one late night on Greenmount Avenue. In what seemed like a Vice sting, Vignarajah was caught driving on a suspended license in a car with the headlights off with a person whom appeared to be a prostitute – a person who Vignarajah claims he was “showing around”. For the record, unless one is coming from Melba’s, there is nothing constructive happening on Greenmount Avenue after midnight.

This was highlighted in Fox’s Town Hall in Little Italy when a Baltimore Police sergeant, Billy Shiflett, blasted Vignarajah for asking the officer to cut off his bodycam. The hero cop said that Vignarjah endangered officers and wasted police resources. Shiflett said that Vignarajah used his position of power to try and mitigate the situation.

So, this same guy who wants to lock up criminals is out here, late night, breaking law himself? So much for transparency!

Long story short, that was the beginning of the end for “Viggie” as he has yet to recover. Interestingly, certain folks don’t have an issue with his seedy past. I think part of the attraction is that he is quite focused on the mass incarceration of Baltimore’s Black citizens. Sure, he touts how his parents were teachers. Sure, he ‘name drops’ in an effort to gain credibility. Yet, this guy who was not long ago trying to convince Baltimoreans that he would make a great State’s Attorney, is now trying to sell himself as a tier one mayoral candidate. What is obvious is that Vignarajah has one sex-related incident after another. Clearly, that is not highly representative of the values of a happily married man nor a person seeking to get this city back on track.

It should be noted that although Vignarjah had a fall from grace, that clearly hasn’t stopped Fox 45 News’ owners from donating to his campaign. Sinclair Broadcasting has not only contributed, they’ve even found a way to get him a lot of TV air time which is a clear violation of the Federal Election Commission’s rules. But, hey! Who needs rules? Right?

Another candidate who was pushed by the media was state Senator Mary Washington. While political insiders suggested Washington was merely watering the ground for a 2022 run for Lieutenant Governor with Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, she insisted she had what it takes to run the City of Baltimore. Honestly, Washington is very intelligent. However, I was never convinced that she had the knowledge to run this city. First of all, one has to know the city – and not just one community. Further, I found it incredibly ambitious that the person who was not long ago trying to beat a seasoned state Senator, Joan Carter Conway, is now all of a sudden looking to run a city of over 600,000 people? C’mon, guys!

Then, Washington claimed to get out of the race to focus on her job in Annapolis? Ummm, …. duh! Like, didn’t you already know that the 90-day Maryland General Assembly was the priority?

This is why I say that many of these candidates must think the general public is dumb. They do all kinds of foolishness, yet think that we, the public, can’t figure it out. Not!

In any event, let’s analyze these latest poll numbers, this time from the camp of T. J. Smith, the former Baltimore Police Department spokesman who, although he portrays himself as a standup guy, has credibility issues also. The same man who hadn’t filed taxes in three years and who was being paid by both Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City at the same time is, all of a sudden, the front runner? Okay! (If you say so!)

So, here are the four major poll results of 2020’s Mayoral Race thus far:

Tuesday, January 14th 2020
Fox45 News/Gonzales Poll

Vignarajah 18.2%
Scott 17.9%
Dixon 15.7
Young 15.0
Smith 11.0
Washington 7.8

Wednesday, February 26th 2020
Gonzales Research and Media Services Poll

Dixon 17%
Smith 15%
Vignarajah 15%
Washington 15%
Scott 11%
Young 9%


March 4, 2020
Poll by The Baltimore Sun, the University of Baltimore and WYPR

Dixon 16%
Scott 10%
Vignarajah 10%
Smith 9%
Miller 7%
Young 6%


March 24, 2020
Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy

Smith 22%
Dixon 18%
Scott 15%
Vignarajah 12%
Miller 9%
Young 7%

TJ in the lead? Really? The same guy who was getting paid by a Maryland county while getting paid by Baltimore City at the same time? The double-dipper is leading the race? You mean to tell me that he goes from 5th place to a three-way tie for second place to fourth place and now, he is miraculously leading the pack?

Let me get this right. The same guy who was an integral part of the story line of the murder of Detective Sean Suiter who initially had the public looking for some fleeing suspect when the suspect is the police? And then, and then, and then – this same police spokesman, after countless families were held hostage in their own homes surrounding the Bennett Place crime scene, comes out and says that Detective Suiter committed suicide?

I can’t trust you, dude! You were a part of a mass cover-up that terribly misled citizens, especially the Black citizens of West Baltimore. And, trust me, the people who live in that area will never forget TJ Smith. Not ever!

Back then, Smith asked if people saw anything strange that day. Uhhh, you darn skippy! How about, why in the world was Suiter even out in the streets, considering that it was the day before he had to testify against other cops on the GTTF? What wisdom was in that?

Truth be told, Suiter was led to the slaughter by his own. And everybody across the State of Maryland who has ever heard the story knows it!

From my perch, TJ also thinks Baltimoreans are slow and can’t read between the lines. He’s attempting to paint a picture as if he’s so in love with Baltimore, but that must be hard to do knowing that a couple of years ago, you were attempting to sell us a bucket of horse manure.

Honestly, a $215,000 reward was offered and nobody got turned in? That alone spoke volumes. But, again, these candidates think we, the public, are slow and can’t read between the lnes.

You see, we true Baltimoreans have seen this movie before. His name was Robert Lee Clay, and he was a strong fighter for Black people. One day, the cops said he committed suicide, too. And none of us could even fathom such a thing. Truth is, Bob Clay was killed, and so was Sean Suiter. None of us believe these men committed suicide.

This is the filthy corruption that TJ won’t talk about. Instead, he will be a good company man and tell us the typical soundbites, and we are supposed to forget about it and blindly move on with our lives.

This is exactly the kind of cowardice we don’t need. We need a leader who can stand in the gap. We also need a leader to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

Too often, people come asking for our vote, but they really could care less about East Baltimore and West Baltimore because if they did, they wouldn’t wait until an election year to try and make a name for themself.

Personally, I’m disgusted by these canned candidates who lack a genuine connection with the people. All of the people!

As for Mary Miller and her recent endorsement by British native Jeff Johnson on who runs our beloved Baltimore, I think it is pitiful that she dug so deep to find a Black man who would speak against his own people so vehemently when his own track record in Baltimore is shorter than a leprechaun. For if Mr. Johnson truly had an understanding of the Black struggle in Baltimore, he would know that we have never paid much attention to the opinion of outsiders. Actually, who does? For this otherwise brilliant man to say that he has lost faith in his own people’s ability to effectively govern, my only question is how much did he get paid?

If given the chance, I’d love to introduce Mr. Johnson to the history makers from our community who have indeed led us through the muck and the mire for generations without the approval of outsiders. If given the chance, I’d also like tell Mr. Johnson about the last time we allowed such frivolous rhetoric to warp our minds. At the end of the day, 1 in 6 of us were arrested. It was like South African apartheid here in the City of Baltimore.

And the nerve of Ms. Mary Miller to even fathom a “Willie Lynch” tactic on Baltimore’s already abused Black community. So, here she comes with her psychological warfare as if Black people are actually going to fall for her and her dry methods.

Hey, Mary! You gotta do better than this. And by the way, the next time you shoot a commercial in Sandtown, try not to do it at Western District. It’s not our favorite place, in case nobody told you.

Truth is, it is the only new thing in Sandtown post-Freddie Gray. So, clearly Team Miller missed the ball, much like her new endorsement.

I tell ya, what people won’t do to win an election, especially when they lack a bonafide track record in Baltimore City. And I reiterate, these candidates somehow think that we, the citizenry, don’t see right thru the bull feces. It’s utterly amazing, indeed!

If you ask me, Dixon wins by 15 points. Mark my word! Why am I so confident? I am reminded that Sheila Dixon garnered a whopping 51,716 write-in votes on a 2016 General Election ballot that didn’t even list her name. Show me one of these mayoral candidates who can garner half as much support, and I might change my mind.