STOKES SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER! Carl Stokes for Baltimore City Council President

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At a recent debate, Carl Stokes out-shined his opponents by miles. He spoke about an issue that ought be of paramount importance to anyone running for citywide office in Baltimore. Carl Stokes spoke vehemently about Black business and the innate responsibility of any City Council President to work to ensure that Black businesses eat. It’s that simple.

Baltimore is a majority Black city, yet only a small portion of contracts go to Black contractors. Why? Why, when you have a plethora of Black elected officials, are Black contractors still being overlooked, as in the days of old when legends like Bob Clay and Arnold Jolivet, Esquire used to fight like dogs for Black contractors simply to get a small piece?

Carl Stokes made Black people proud. And White people ought be proud, too, that someone is finally telling the truth.

When Black businesses grow, they can hire more Black people and that means less will have to turn to illegal means to get by. Supporting Baltimore’s Black contractors is only common sense, and apparently, Stokes could be the only candidate for City Council President who actually gets it.