Council President candidate Carl Stokes says city MUST collect millions owed in corporate water bills!

Demands top to bottom auditing to locate millions owed to city!

(BALTIMORE – March 3, 2020) – The City of Baltimore has recently learned that it has paid more than $22 million dollars on an original $8.4 million water billing contract to an Atlanta consulting firm while millions of dollars are going uncollected from corporate accounts.

“On the heels of yet another water bill rate increase, I think the Board of Estimates was right to delay action on the renewal of the contract with Itineris North America who has also billed Baltimore for hundreds of thousands of dollars in added expenses for hotels, travel, meals and transportation. Tax payers should be outraged,” said Carl Stokes.

“We’ve paid ridiculous amounts of tax payer resources to consultants while they are responsible for the system that has failed to collect millions of dollars in revenue from  huge corporations. The citizens of Baltimore are under enormous pressure to pay higher water bills while these corporate giants run up huge bills,” he added.

According to recent media reports the Skip Viragh Outpatient Center at Johns Hopkins University is more than $4 million in arrears on its water bills. The Ritz Carlton condos owe more than $2 million in uncollected water bills. As well as at least 2 Plank owned properties owing nearly half a million in back bills. These are examples of known corporate accounts that have gone uncollected.

“Baltimore City government is BROKEN. As a member of the city council I called for audits of city agencies to identify inefficiencies and waste. Others in this race voted against audits. As City Council President I will lead the efforts to have serious and thorough audits that identify money owed to Baltimore and that will translate into true savings for our tax payers,” said Stokes.