Black Lawyers Matter

Black lawyers matter today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter! It’s still Black History Month and we want to take some time to love up on Black lawyers and share why they are so important.

Representation matters literally, when it comes to Black lawyers. In a courtroom, they represent us. In the law offices, they represent us. Black lawyers know our struggles and our fight because of shared experiences and this is only part of the reason why having a Black lawyer makes a huge difference.

Although Black lawyers are underrepresented in law firms at every level, it doesn’t take away the impact they make on the community. We invite you to check out our blog over at Justis Connection to learn more about Black lawyers and why they matter. This is a must-read for Black History month so click here to view the blog!

Supporting Each Other

Supporting each other during Black History Month is important but these efforts don’t have to only take place during February of each year. Supporting the community is a year-round goal all of us should have. Here’s how we can uplift, empower, and support our brothers and sisters in the Black Community.

1. Shop Black
According to The Atlantic, Black buying power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion this year. Imagine the impact making more of an effort to spend money in our communities could make. Spending at Black businesses allows business owners to create additional jobs which leads to our next point.

2. Hire Black
When you employ a member of the Black community, you open financial doors to a group of people who often do not have access to capital. More jobs will help to close the racial wealth gap and build a more financially stable community. Plus, the workplace is always better when different races, cultures, mindsets, and characteristics are working together. It’s no longer just Jamal the intern who is the only Black voice in the room.

3. Give Back
A helping hand can go a long way. Reach out and grab the hand of someone who may need help in a time of need. You can give back by attending Career Day at your local schools, volunteering at outreach programs that support Black people, and also participate in local charities in the Black community.

When we all work together, we can only grow as a community. We encourage you to take action and remember to support the Black community year-round, 365 days a YEAR!

Representation Matters!

“It is the right of every client, no matter their race, to decide who they want to represent them.”

-Kisha A. Brown, Founder and Creator of Justis Connection.

Happy Black History Month!

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