Fox45 News’ Irresponsible Journalism Draws Monday, Feb. 24th Protest

Sinclair affiliate accused of violating “Equal Access/Time” doctrine of the Communications Act of 1934 

By Hassan Giordano,

(BALTIMORE – February 22, 2020) – JOIN the ValueMyVote2020 efforts in protesting the clear FEC violations done on an almost daily basis by Fox45 Baltimore, in favor of their “chosen candidate” Thiru Vignarajah. We have followed their coverage of the Mayoral campaign closely, and believe that they have clearly violated the “Equal Access/Time” doctrine of the Communications Act of 1934. We have written about this atrocity previously, and received hundreds of supporters online who all believe that their coverage is far from fair.

So on Monday, February 24th at 4:00 p.m. – we will hold a Press Conference at the bottom of TV Hill, right next to Fox45 Baltimore’s studio, 2000 W. 41st Street, at the corner of 41st and Girard/Hooper Avenue, where we will call them out on their coverage. We believe it will carry more weight if the candidates for Mayor, and frankly those in other races as well given that if they are willing to do this in the Mayor’s race they will likely do it to you in your race as well if they so choose; attend and threaten to NOT advertise on any Sinclair-based stations UNLESS they stop allowing for one candidate to come on-air on an almost daily basis, featured in every one of their so-called City In Crisis Town Halls, while refusing to allow the rest of the candidates to particpate or get equal access to their station.
If you are willing to Stand Up to these Injustices with us, be sure to RSVP by emailing us back here to let us know ASAP, as we are preparing to do this solely on the basis of fairness, but we will NOT allow for any one candidate or campaign to overtake this effort. We will allow each candidate for Mayor to speak for :60 seconds and other candidates for :30 in regards to their disdain for this behavior and to Stand Up against these practices by threatening to pull their advertisement dollars, and protest the station by not watching any Fox or Sinclair related broadcasts.
This is ridiculous, first they attacked our education system and our children here in the City of Baltimore with that right-wing Project Baltimore crap of a series, now they have attacked the character of several candidates with this Crime and Justice sensationlism they call journalism and are trying to tilt the scales of democracy towards a candidate they feel they can control. We MUST STAND UP, otherwise they will continue to do the same thing and get away with it! What’s next, criminalizing our school system? Privatizing our water system and jails? Enough is Enough! Join us this Monday and take a principled stand against injustice!
If you have any further questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please call 443.456.8830.