TGR: Fox 45 News’ Being Called Out for Its Biased Support of “Thirsty” Thiru

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – February 22, 2020) – Political pundits and junkies alike who remember the 2016 election in Baltimore know that the local television news was slanted and unfair. Quite frankly, the local mainstream media was in full support of Catherine Pugh. And although our ad hoc group, Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (VOICE), fought very hard to bring accountability to the process, Pugh still won.

Although we pointed out illegal campaign contributions, missing thumb drives, bags of uncounted votes, the 2,000 chicken boxes used to procure votes during Early Voting, and some 1,800 voting irregularities in Baltimore City (compared to 200 voting irregularities in the 23 other Maryland jurisdictions combined) – yes, we got the election de-certified – but at the end of the day, Pugh was declared the victor.

Not only did she have much of the Maryland Democratic establishment behind her, she also had the local media’s quiet support. For instance, there were commercials that went unreported to the Federal Elections Commission. Yet, there was no accountability.

Quite frankly, between the Democratic leaders and the local media, I’m not sure who was worse. While the Dems gave Pugh a pass, so did the local news media.

Fast forward to the 2020 election. Further, let’s zero in on Fox 45 News.

You gotta give them credit for their extended news coverage hours. While the competition does about 39 hours of news each week, Fox 45 does a whopping 52.5 hours of news. Clearly, they are outworking the competition.

However, maybe Fox 45 News should stick to reporting news, and stay out of the business of running candidates.

One such example is mayoral candidate Thiru Vignarajah. Clearly, he is Fox 45 News’ favorite candidate. However, it is also clear that Fox 45 News did a poor job of vetting him.

You know, all the people want is fairness. And when we cannot get it, we have to make a stand.

Such is the case this Monday, February 24, 2020 at 4 pm on Television Hill. Protestors of Fox 45 News’ whacked political coverage will convene to express disdain for Fox’s irresponsible news coverage. Mayoral candidates are expected to attend.

Truth is, most news outlets have a slant. That’s fine, but there are still rules – such as the one about equal access. You can’t cut on Fox without seeing Vignarajah’s presence. And it has gotten to be utterly ridiculous and terribly disrespectful.

What we want is fairness.

Political observers of the 2016 election know that Sheila Dixon was literally dragged thru the mud for her previous transgressions. However, Fox 45 News has apparently given Vignarajah a pass. Not only do they not report about his past violations when he worked for the State of Maryland (TGR: Thiru Vignarajah: Not the Choir Boy He Portrays), they have absolutely dropped the ball on the late night ‘date’ he had on Greenmount Avenue. The people on the street believe Vignarajah was caught on police cam with a prostitute while driving on a suspended license and without his headlights on. To boot, Mr. Vignarajah asked the policeman to cut off his camera. Yet, this is the same guy Fox is selling the public to run our beloved city? Really?

The protest is intended to force accountability in this already tainted 2020 election. And I can’t wait!