The Glover Report: Dunbar Fires a Legend?

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – February 11, 2020) – Some things, I guess, are above my pay grade. I mean, what is logical in the broader universe does not always transfer to the little dots. You think?

All I know is that Dunbar boy’s basketball coach Keith Booth has been fired. The former Poet, Terp and Chicago Bull is out of a job, and this journalist is searching for answers. In a day and time when it is nearly impossible to get black men in the school system, here we are kicking out one of the most impeccable resumes in town. The students will suffer. Dunbar basketball will suffer. An entire community now has to stomach such a tragic loss.

Stay-tuned to, the news before the news, as we search for answers. We promise nothing but the facts!