The Glover Report: Why is Possession of an Illegal Firearm Only a Misdemeanor in Maryland?

Photo: Destiny Harrison, a 21-year-old beauty salon owner in East Baltimore, was tragically killed over the holidays in front of her baby and a salon full of people.

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – February 4, 2020) – I’m no rocket scientist. Nor am I a legal scholar. I’m just a journalist dude who lives in Baltimore City, currently one of the most violent places on earth. With that said, I have spent the last week or so questioning everyone in my path as to why carrying an illegal handgun in Maryland is only a misdemeanor.

Yep! That’s right! In a day and time when women and babies are being shot to death, it is only a misdemeanor if you are found with an illegal handgun.

Just last night, I was going back and forth with a Maryland legislator who was attempting to insert the power of the NRA in all of this. The fact is, I don’t care who the culprit is. I don’t care what the excuse is.

I just need someone to explain why, in a day and time when murder is running rampant on the streets of my hometown, is possession of an illegal handgun is only a misdemeanor.

Sure, there are extenuating circumstances – like your father died and you took possession of his gun. I get it. Just write it into a bill.

I say all of this because I thought that the job of legislators was to write laws. I am not sure if you’ve been peeping the news, but currently, there is a Consent Decree in play in Baltimore City. It has caused the cops to take a knee.

To boot, the Baltimore Police Department is stating it is 350 officers short. Try a thousand.

So, while there used to jump-out squads and plain clothes cops around every bend, right now there is pure lawlessness. On a regular basis, I see young men smoking weed with a cop in ear shot.

Better yet, our police commissioner and State’s Attorney felt compelled – along with the Mayor – to get some tips from Chicago.

Hey! The answer is staring you in the face! Baltimore doesn’t need to look outside. It needs to look inside. And even if you do go and get some advice from Chicago, you’d still have to customize it to fit Baltimore.

Frankly, I am convinced that our crime fighters have no clue. And at present, neither do our legislators. The police and the State’s Attorney – both of whom were born elsewhere – have yet to get a grip on crime. Everybody is pontificating, but the murder rate is climbing higher and higher. There’s a lot of finger pointing, but we still are stuck in this dilemma. I see a lot of photo ops, but I don’t see the killer of Destiny Harrison or Sean Davis – two young Black entrepreneurs – apprehended yet.

On top of all of this, not one of the aforementioned takes any responsibility for the uptick in murders.

Meanwhile, Baltimore, a 9-to-1 Democratic town, is still stuck on stupid.