Bmorenews Endorses Kweisi Mfume for Congress :: VOTE Feb. 4, 2020

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – February 3, 2020) – Tomorrow – Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – is a very important date as an election will take place to see who will fill the remaining term of the Late Congressman Elijah Cummings.

Not long after Gov. Larry Hogan announced the Feb. 4th date for this Special Election, I received a phone call from my friend/big brother/mentor Mr. Kweisi Mfume. He asked if he could count on my support. My answer then and now is the same: Yes!

If wasn’t a hard choice back then. And today, while there are a number of great candidates, my thought process is the same. Mfume is the best person for the job. Not only does he have the experience from his prior days in Congress, but he has never stopped being a part of this community even after elected office.

I think back a couple of years where he was the Black History Month speaker in Annapolis. Although I have heard him speak before, this particular speech was on par with Cicero. His mastery of language and history is unmatched, and quite frankly, former Pres. Barack Obama would have trouble keeping up with his oratorical skills.

From a business perspective, I am confident that a Mfume Congressional administration would have key insight on how to assist Maryland businesses, and particularly the Black-owned businesses. Just two years ago, Mfume gave the keynote address at our 1st National Black Wall Street Summit at the Greater Baltimore Urban League. Let me just say that it was so on point, Senior Journalist Charles Robinson, III dubbed the speech a manifesto for Black business.

As a person, I can say without hesitation that Mfume has consistently mentored others, and that list is long. From journalist Hassan Giordano to Attorney Eric Lee Bryant to countless young professionals across the nation, I am proud that this man still answers his phone and has yet to fail us.

In the realm of Social Justice, I fondly remember Mfume leading the way in Washington for the fight against apartheid. I remember seeing him getting arrested during this war that was eventually won. It wasn’t the most popular fight, but he showed up, he fought, and we won.

In short, there is no doubt in my mind of his abilities. I am also confident that he will continue to be a fighter, continue to support Black-owned businesses, and continue to grow those behind him. On this note, it is my pleasure and honor to endorse Kweisi Mfume for Congress. If you agree, then vote for him tomorrow. Our future depends on people like him – people who have never forgotten from whence they’ve come.