The “Warrior Lawyer”, J. Wyndal Gordon, Makes Statement on Video of 76-year-old Woman Slammed by County Cops

(BALTIMORE – January 31, 2020) – The entire Greater Baltimore community is still disturbed from learning of a 76-year-old senior being slammed to the ground January 10th by an aggressive Baltimore County police officer. It is certainly caught the eye of Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski.

The attorney for the Mellerson/Floyd Family, J. Wyndal Gordon, Esquire, released a statement this week after viewing newly released footage from police bodycams on the scene: “The family and I have had a chance to view the video and from what we observed, it was consistent with what we’d known all along. Cpl. Brennan appeared to be more concerned with censuring protected speech and using his police powers to vindicate his dignity rather than suppressing crime and ensuring public safety. This is a classic case of ‘Contempt of Cop’. The problem is “Contempt of Cop” is not a criminal offense in the State of Maryland, however, it could form the basis of administrative or civil action. Accordingly, we intend to challenge in a court of law the legality of the warrantless arrest(s) of Rena Mellerson and Cierra Floyd, and the time, place and manner in which the arrests occurred. If Floyd’s disorderly conduct arrest is deemed illegal, then everything that flowed from the arrest would be deemed illegal –from the warrantless forcible entry into Mellerson’s home, to the indiscriminate deployment of OC/pepper spray and a taser against its occupants (including minor children), to the threat of deadly force to induce compliance, and Mellerson’s attack, arrest, and time in jail. Officer Schmidt’s conduct was indefensible, reckless, and wrongful and so too was his justification therefore. The video clearly showed Schmidt snatched Mellerson from Cpl. Brennan’s custody and control, then hip-tossed, and slammed Mellerson to the ground. Will Baltimore County State’s Attorney ever prosecute this brutal attack against “this” elderly victim? I don’t know. But I would truly like to see where his compassion resides for the elderly and what drives his passion for equal justice.”


Northwest Baltimore County Officials Troubled by Disturbing Video of Police Slinging Senior