BREAKING NEWS: BPD Cop Assaulted While Breaking Up Young Females Fighting on Sinclair Lane

(BALTIMORE – REVISED – January 23, 2020) – At a time when the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) is short hundreds of officers – one week after a BPD sergeant was obstructed from making an arrest by a crowd of young men … now this.

A female BPD officer was called to 5000 block of Sinclair Lane in Northeast Baltimore to break up a fight among local youth. The fight was between two young females. Witnesses say that the officer had to break up youth, all females, from fighting. In the process, she was assaulted.

Officer A. A. Davis, who is 5′ 1″ and weighs maybe 125 lbs., is roughly a year and a half out of the police academy. Davis, who went to Merganthaler Vocational Technical High School, once said all she wanted to do “is be a police to help people.” In essence, she serves in the very community where she was raised.

As backup arrived, there was a crowd of about 20 to 30 youth surrounding the fight.

The officer is fine, but this is another example of just how violent the city has become. Two female suspects were placed under arrest; one is 17 years of age, and the other is 14.