Sandtown Consent Decree Meeting Stirs As Many Questions As Answers; Sheila Dixon only mayoral candidate to attend

PHOTO: Lucky Crosby and his sister, Diddy Crosby, take a pic with Sheila Dixon. Lucky lost two sons in one year to gun violence. Diddy wants to see BPD officers demonstrate more respect for Sandtown residents.

(SANDTOWN – January 21, 2020) – The Consent Decree Monitoring Team came to New Song Academy in Sandtown last night to provide the community with updates. The Consent Decree, which came about after the Freddie Gray Uprising in the spring of 2015, is designed to provide Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officers with more specific training that will hopefully improve their relationship with the community.

Baltimore has had a long history of police brutality. The meeting had a decent turnout, despite the frigid weather. Interestingly, Sheila Dixon was the only mayoral candidate present; the Baltimore primary election is set for April 28, 2020.

According to Rhonda Watties, a community advocate, “They were sharing information, and that was a good thing.”

She added, “I think what they shared was reasonable. I think they were talking along the periphery, but they did not get into the finer details, like the training. I think they attempted to put the information out there, but it was if they wanted us to do additional reading, and without doing the reading, they can come back and say that there was minimal feedback. They said they need an additional 290 officers, but it doesn’t seem to be a key priority. I think they can push that issue a little harder. If it is going to take another two years to achieve their staffing needs, that concerns me. They did say that they wanted the City to speed up that pace. However, we need boots on the ground now.”