The Glover Report: Importance of Black Youth Knowing About African Emperor Mansa Musa, Richest Person in History

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By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – January 15, 2020) – I have long been a junkie for Black History, and not just because we are near Black History Month. It is a passion of mine. Mostly, I love sharing nuggets of our history with others. I really enjoy sharing our history with young people. You should see their eyes light up!

If there is one story that stands out in my research, it is Mansa Musa. Granted, we live in a capitalist society where there are more haves than have nots. Our young people are often fascinated by celebrities who seem to be living lavish lifestyles. We all know how luring the imagery is and why so many of our youth want to be rap stars, singers, pro athletes and actors.

However, if you want want to talk about truly wealthy, then one ought know about Mansa Musa. The 14th century Emperor of Mali and surrounding areas was the richest man of all time. Straight out of West Africa. By the way, he was a devout Muslim.

It has always been my hope that by sharing such history, others will be inspired to learn more. Hopefully, we, as a people, might come to understand how great and wonderful our ancestry is and that although the evening news is loaded with negative story after negative story about Black people, there is another side to us upon which we must continually reflect. My point is that there are so many wonderful lessons we could learn from our own history, many of which we can be extremely proud – no matter what mainstream news networks report.

Prayerfully, little Black boys and little Black girls can come to understand that there are other ways of obtaining wealth, that wealth is nothing new to Black people, and that the history of Africa is, in essence, the history of the world. I think as children learn more about their true history and lineage, the mind comes to focus on something other than Instagram and video games. I think the more Black youth learn about their history, the more empowered they become.


This 14th-Century African Emperor Remains the Richest Person in History

Forget today’s tech billionaires, the wealth of Mansa Musa of Mali was too vast to be imagined—or equaled.