Northwest Baltimore County Officials Troubled by Disturbing Video of Police Slinging Senior

Senior arrested after being slung to the ground by a County officer

(RANDALLSTOWN – January 15, 2020) – Last Friday, a Baltimore County Police Officer was caught on camera hurling a 76-year-old woman to the ground. The officer is white and the senior, Rena Mellerson, is black. Police were looking for Mellerson’s granddaughter. Mellerson was arrested and charged with assault, interfering with an arrest and obstructing and hindering. Elected officials are concerned.

“This incident is very troubling and raises many questions,” said Baltimore County Council Chair Julian Jones. He added, “I have been in contact with County Executive Johnny Olszewski and Police Chief Melisa Hyatt to ensure that there is a thorough investigation and that appropriate actions are being taken at the conclusion of the investigation. I will continue to monitor this situation and hope that all charges are dropped against Mrs. Mellerson. I also look forward to the release of the police body camera footage at the conclusion of the investigation.”

Another County elected official, the new State Senator in the 44th state legislative district, Charles Sydnor.

He said, “I am very concerned by the disturbing video showing what strikes me as as excessive force by an officer of the Baltimore County Police Department.” He continued, “The video depicts an officer pulling a 76-year-old constituent from her home, and slamming her to the ground. It is my expectation that an investigation will be comprehensive and expedited so that the public may gain a complete understanding of what transpired. I expect the investigation will examine whether there was a valid warrant allowing the officers to enter her home, whether the force used was within departmental policy, and if so, whether it was an appropriate use of force.”


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