The Glover Report: Baltimore County Police: “Protect, Serve, and Hip-toss Seniors”?

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – January 14, 2020) – What’s this? A Baltimore County police officer doing a WWF/MMA/Bruce Lee judo move on a 76-year-old woman? In 2020? I am beyond belief at this video. It makes no sense.

We’re going to need to see the bodycam footage so as to be clear. However, by the looks of things, this senior woman was manhandled for no apparent reason.

While we are awaiting response from a number of officials contacted, this news cannot wait. This is not how we, as human beings, ought treat each other. And God forbid that somehow this ends up being about Rena Mellerson’s skin color.

The police, who were looking for her granddaughter, ended up at Mellerson’s house after not locating the granddaughter previously.

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